Reflections from an Software Development Intern

I have loved my experience at CQL. This really is an excellent place to work and there is great community across the whole company. Over the past few months, I've learned more about software development than I ever thought I could learn in this short amount of time. The people are great and the daily fresh-ground coffee now has me hooked.

I've appreciated how much everyone here is excited about their work and how much pride they take in it. Pretty much everyone who I talk to at Calvin has heard more good things about CQL than they would care to remember. I even brought a gang of my computer-science cronies into the office on a Friday afternoon for some pizza and networking (see an earlier blog post).

I mentioned that I learned a bunch working here, so I'll try to elaborate a little on that. I came in with probably 80% of my development background being in Linux. This changed quickly as I discovered just how much of the working world runs on Microsoft and Internet Explorer. With this realization came all kinds of new encounters with .NET and C# and Microsoft SQL Server, but ironically this opened my mind to the fact that there is a lot of good stuff out there that is not strictly open-source. I got knocked off my high horse on the first day when I heard Python called 'lame' in a passing comment, but I suppose it's better to be on ground level when fighting coding battles.

The environment here is a good combination between individual and group work. This experience is helping me to learn the difference between when I should ask for help and when I should Google my problems away—the way the introvert in me naturally tends err. Along with this comes learning how to ask good questions. The many caveats of JavaScript have given me ample practice in this skill, and I have always been met with thorough answers.

I am deeply thankful to all at CQL who have made my experience positive and I will look back fondly on the memories that I have made here. Who knows, I may be back some day.

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