Hyper-V Failover Clustering

Microsoft Hyper-V Failover Clustering

Recently, CQL released its first Microsoft Hyper-V failover cluster for Virtual Machines (VM). This is great news for our current and future clients because it offers them live migration and failover support, which will ensure decreased downtime.

Live migration allows you to transparently move running virtual machines from one node of the failover cluster to another node in the same cluster without a dropped network connection or perceived downtime.

A failover cluster works by having a passive server always on hand in case the primary has problems. If the system detects any loss of connectivity or power, it fails over to the other node. This is an important consideration for our clients, as they look to improve the stability of their internal systems. 

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Another benefit is the “green” benefit of reduced power consumption. For instance, going this route, CQL was able to reduce our carbon footprint by 7%, power consumption by 7%, as well as the number of physical servers by eight. We built our clustered environment on Windows 2008R2, 24x2.20GHz processors with 128GB of memory which is attached to a 6.6TB SAN backbone.

Increased stability, reduced power consumption, and the potential reduction of capital expenditures are all excellent reasons for your organization to investigate Hyper-V Failover Clustering.

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