Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2010 (DPM)

CQL has done away with old slow tape backups and implemented Microsoft DPM 2010. DPM 2010 seamlessly uses disk, tape and cloud-based repositories to deliver an easy-to-use and best-of-breed backup and recovery solution for Windows environments.

This tool allows CQL to backup RAW data along with full VHD snapshots every 15 minutes if needed or requested by the client. With a few clicks within DPM you can restore data or a full VHD to the same location or to another physical server. CQL uses a product called “Firestreamer” to push our disk backups to an external disk drive which is stored securely at an offsite location. Firestreamer simulates tapes by carving out slices in any HHD. For example, we can have 100 virtual tapes on one HHD; again much faster than ordinary tapes.

Even though CQL is a leading custom software development shop in West Michigan, we also have a small data center. In my role at CQL, I manage the data center and I’m also responsible for managing client infrastructure needs. DPM has been a welcome addition to the tools I use to support our clients.

Running DPM 2010 at CQL allows us to provide our clients with multiple backup solutions to fit their data recovery timeline.

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