Meet Your Newest Demandware LINK Partner

Meet Your Newest Demandware LINK Partner

CQL is pleased to announce our acceptance into the Demandware LINK Partner Ecosystem. We are thrilled to join the exclusive group of solutions providers implementing enterprise customers on the Demandware platform.

Over the years, our team has proven they can handle complex eCommerce implementations. We believe this alliance reflects our standard of excellence and ability to get projects done on time and on budget.

Demandware has an amazing toolset that offers state of the art functionality to its customers and this partnership is key to expanding our offerings at CQL.

What is Demandware?

Demandware is a software technology company and a leading global provider of enterprise cloud commerce solutions. Demandware offers customers access to the Demandware Commerce Cloud: a scalable, secure cloud architecture that can reliably support a high volume of eCommerce. Boasting world-renowned clients such as Adidas, Sperry, Keds, Burton, Converse, Godiva, GoPro, and more, Demandware is one of the most popular omni-channel commerce platforms on the market.

What is the LINK Partner Ecosystem?

Since launching the program in 2010, Demandware has partnered with a limited number of global commerce technology providers. The LINK Partner Ecosystem serves to bring together eCommerce technology specialists and customers into the same marketplace. This allows providers a gateway to a many more potential customers and simultaneously helps customers find the best provider for their needs to get from idea to launch faster.

Customers are able to take advantage of the many eCommerce tools and features Demandware and their partners provide; partners can tap into a specific demand for their products, services, and capabilities.

How Did CQL Join the Partner Program?

In order to become a Demandware Partner, CQL had to complete an extensive application process that included demonstrations of our coding capabilities, and advanced competency in all facets of ecommerce. In addition, we created a high-quality Demandware integration to demonstrate our ability to work with the platform. Finally, we completed the certification process and, finally, were approved to join the Demandware LINK Partner Ecosystem and reached the go-to-market phase.

What Does This Mean for CQL Clients?

As a Demandware LINK Partner, CQL can help design, develop, launch, and market websites created on the Demandware Commerce Cloud platform. You get highly customizable, robust eCommerce sites on the Demandware platform, access to the rapidly growing Demandware community, and the opportunity to work with the same CQL team you already know and trust.

You can learn about our new partnership with Demandware here, or contact us for more information.

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