How to Create a Facebook Business Page for Your New Product Venture

How to Create a Facebook Business Page for Your New Product Venture

Recently, CQL worked with Byron Center Meats to launch their newest (and may we say, pretty incredible) product venture HarvestBox. As part of that process, we helped create brand new social media pages for HarvestBox.

Since not every new venture will have a social media expert on board, we thought it would be valuable to share some tips, tricks, and step-by-step guides on how to set up and run new social media accounts. 

To start with, we'll walk through how to create a new Facebook Business Page. Fortunately, Facebook streamlines the process so it's not too complicated, but for beginners it can still seem intimidating. 

1. Click "Create Page"

pages menuThe first step is super simple! Just open Facebook, click "Home" so you're viewing your News Feed. In the left column, you'll see an option to create a new page. Click here to get started.

2. Choose a Page Type

Next, choose the type of page you'd like to create. Each option is a little different, offering slightly different functions and requiring set up info particular to the page type you choose. For example, setting up a small business page will require an address. A brand or product page will only require you to choose the type of product the page will feature. 

Each page type will have you select a more specific subcategory so that when Facebook users find your page they know what to expect. CQL, for example, created a Local Business page with the subcategory "Business Consultant." HavestBox made a Companies & Organizations page with the subcategory "Foods/Beverages."

Because Facebook users represent a huge variety of different businesses, brands, products, etc., there may not be a page type/subcategory combination that perfectly fits your business. That's okay. This just gives Facebook and it's users an idea of what your page is about when they find it. 

In this case, I'll select a Brand or Product page for my new, imaginary pet supply company. 

choose a business dialog

3. Tell Facebook About Your Product

Add a brief description of your brand or product to make it easier to find in searches and let users know more about you once they find your page.

I'm so excited about my new, imaginary pet supply company! I want to tell the whole (Facebook) world how great we are! Later, I might realize I should be more specific and give a brief description of our products and who we are as a company. That's okay; the section is easily edited later on. 

Most importantly, make sure to add your website. Of course, you want your Facebook page to be easy to find, but you also want to be driving traffic back to your website. That's where prospects can learn even more about your brand, view your eCommerce store, and become loyal customers. 

set up step one

4. Upload a Profile Picture

I have seen far too many businesses misuse the profile picture. When you choose a profile picture for your personal page, you usually choose one that represents you, makes it clear to anyone searching for you that they've found the right person, and is a decent quality image. You don't, typically, have a profile picture of a random item, only your home, or a photo where you're unrecognizable. 

The same rules apply for your business profile picture. Generally, you should just use an image with your logo. Not an image of a product or your storefront. People should be able to see within a second that a post or comment is coming from your business. They should never have to spend time figuring out who you are when they see your profile picture. 

Facebook gives you two options for creating your first profile picture. You can either upload an image from your computer, or insert the link for your website and it will pull possible images for you to use. Unless your site includes a logo that fits well within the profile picture dimensions, the first option may be the best. 

add profile picture

5. Add to Your Favorites

I only included this step because Facebook does, and if I skipped one of Facebook's steps you might think, "Hey, maybe this tutorial can't be trusted after all!"

Add your new page to your favorites, or don't. It's up to you. The only difference is that by adding it to your favorites, you'll click a few inches higher on the left sidebar to access your page than you would otherwise. If that convenience seems important, by all means, add your page to your favorites! It can't hurt. add to favorites

6. Select Your Preferred Audience

This step allows you to narrow down your audience to target demographics, if you like.

For My Super Awesome Pet Supply, I am only hoping to reach people who live in Michigan. If there is a certain location you don't want to target, you can exclude them here.

I'd like to sell my pet supplies to people of all ages. However, if you're selling a product specifically to people who are retired, high schoolers, etc., you can narrow down the age group. You can also choose to specify which gender to target with your page. 

One awesome feature here is that you can specify the interests of your target audience. Obviously, my audience will be interested in pets, animals, pet supply, maybe specific types of animals, and more. There are lots of options to choose from here, depending on your product and your audience. 

target demographics

7. Enjoy Your New Facebook Page

Congratulations! You've created a brand new Facebook page for your business. Now you can add a cover photo, post your first update, and add photos. Don't forget to like your page!

The more your page grows, the more you'll be able to do with it. Facebook unlocks certain features depending on the number of likes you have, so keep updating and promoting your page for more advanced features. 

Example Facebook Page: My Super Awesome Pet Supply

In upcoming posts, we'll go into detail on the analytics, settings, tools, and other details for using your page as an Administrator so your business can make the most of your new Facebook page. 

Photo via Flickr

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