How to Choose the Right eCommerce Platform for Your Online Business

How to Choose the Right eCommerce Platform for Your Online Business

Businesses that don't offer their products online risk their competitors leaving them behind, and losing revenue. Whether you're new to eCommerce or have an established online store, it's important to choose a software solution that's secure, scalable, and built to operate at high performance.

Here are three considerations for choosing the eCommerce platform that's right for your business.

1. Performance and Delivery

There is a definite correlation between your website's performance and the customers experience. Research shows that 40% of online shoppers would abandon a cart if a website was slow. Plus, 79% claim poor site performance would leave them dissatisfied and unlikely to return to a website.

Similarly, an eCommerce application's performance helps retain customer and keeps them happy. Make sure the delivery of the content is speedy and that the code behind the application is coming from a high-end, trustworthy source.

2. Availability and Reliability

Availability is critical to your ecommerce store's success. Say an online store is making around $60,000 a day and suddenly encounters a ten second delay. This brief delay might seem insignificant at first, but it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars by the end of the year.

Did your site survive Black Friday unscathed, or did you experience down time? This is the kind of reliability we're talking about. It's important year round, but particularly on days when you're company is likely to experience a huge spike in sales, there's no room for error.

When an eCommerce store goes completely down, an anxious online shopper is not likely to wait for the site to come back. Instead, a consumer will use their money on a competitors fully functioning site.

Scalability and the ability to manage steep traffic spikes is vital to your site's availability. It's important to know how much traffic your site can handle at any given time, and this is where load testing comes into play. Load testing your website gives you direct insight into how much traffic your site can withstand and allows you to prepare.

A reliable eCommerce platform will be available to the consumer at all times, whether the site has 20 visitors or 20,000.

3. Mobile Solutions

Having an eCommerce store available to smartphone users is vital. Alienating mobile phone users is revenue suicide for many eCommerce businesses. It's important to implement an effective mobile strategy as part of your business's eCommerce integration.

Usually, a mobile web page will take more time to load. So, an easy to navigate mobile site that loads immediately will impress mobile users. Make sure your eCommerce solution provider is knowledgeable in mobile solutions and can integrate your ecommerce store into the mobile world.

Few things are certain in the world of online marketing. Search algorithms evolve, strategies change and markets become saturated. But if there's anything that is sure, it's the need for online eCommerce platforms that showcase your brand, message and products in a way that very few companies can. For more information on our eCommerce platform features here at CQL, feel free to contact us right away.

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