"How Software Nerds Make Ridiculous Tools to Watch Their $10 Vanish…”

Now that is what I call an interesting title.

Like many individuals in the United States, March 30th is a captivating date for the sole purpose of Dreams and Wishes. Tonight, the Mega Millions Jackpot will be drawn – estimated to exceed $600 Million.

CQL, like many organizations around the nation, has a number of employees who have pooled their funds together in order to extend their chances of winning a share of the jackpot.

Some in our midst call it foolish, while others just don’t want to be that one guy who shows up to work on Monday, alone (see associated picture).


As CQL is a custom software development shop, we of course employ many highly intelligent software engineers. And what happens when the potential of fantastic riches collides with very smart people, you get multiple Excel spreadsheets circulated through the office indicating how we can confirm our winnings (shoot, by now, I’m sure one of them has written a mobile Android or iPhone application to support the same).

What started with a simple note of, “I was bored at home last night so I produced this way for us to tell if we won…” has grown into complicated colorized and automated versions of the same computation method.

So, do we feel foolish parting with our $10? Heck no, for less than the price of going to a movie, we’ve received a ton of opportunities to laugh at work, today, and 170 chances at becoming a millionaire, tonight.

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