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How Fit is Your Data? Find Out at the Solutions Expo

CQL is proud to sponsor the Solutions Expo coming up this Thursday, June 19 from 7a.m.-5p.m.

Trivalent, a Michigan-based infrastructure company, helps clients “capitalize on their technology investments to improve their businesses.”

The Solutions Expo

The annual Solutions Expo is considered one of the state’s top technology conferences and provides Michigan’s business leaders and IT experts information on the up-and-coming technology solutions that could impact their business.

CQL’s own Business Intelligence Architect, Mark Loew, will be hosting a breakout session at 1:15 to talk about how businesses can determine how fit their company’s data is and how to get it “in shape.” Don’t worry, no push-ups or laps are required in order to attend.

Checking Your Data Fitness

More than ever before, businesses rely on data to exist: Sales and Marketing teams input leads and customer preferences into CRM systems; clients place orders and requests by web and email; customer service teams check inventory and order status; medical providers rely on critical patient data; financial firms track trends; and endless other functions and operations occur within an organization all using and requiring data.

But just like you have to work at your body’s health and fitness, you need to do the same for your data. Unfit data won’t perform as well, and could actually cause critical issues for the functioning of your organization. 

Mark will discuss steps for evaluating your systems’ fitness and how to develop a plan for any necessary improvements. He’ll explain the three keys to testing your data’s fitness, how to recognize problems in those areas, and what possible solutions you can implement to get your data back on track.

Reserve Your Spot

There's still time to sign up for the expo! You can register for the expo and take a look at the different sessions and breakouts

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