Table of nines

Web Hosting Services Strive for Six Nines of Perfection

We strive for the highest uptime availability for our clients and we thought for 2012, we would post our uptime (the measurement of the time a machine has been up without any downtime) on our website.

What is this "six nines | 99.9999%" that networking/hosting companies try to achieve? It refers to the amount of downtime they see in a given year. In other words, unplanned non-connectivity only occurs, on average, for 31.5 seconds during a year. The following chart breaks down the different flavors of nines.

We'll have a chart posted on our site that gets updated monthly that shows our availability, planned and unplanned outages. Planned outages or general maintenance will consist of Windows updates and/or hardware/software changes to the system for security or application enhancements.

These planned outages do not get subtracted from total time per year. Unplanned outages are unexpected and not fun; like a hardware/software failure (CPU, HHD, RAM, UPS, Internet, virus, etc.).

Check out our chart, which be posted here at Hosting Center Statistics.


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