Google I/O Grand Rapids

Google I/O Comes to Grand Rapids

West Michigan, specifically Grand Rapids, has seen a huge increase in events and recognition over the years. We might be known for our world-class breweries and awe-inspiring art competition, but Grand Rapids has a burgeoning tech scene and an entrepreneurial spirit. Events like GRDevDay, Mobile Monday, and GLSEC (among many others) show us that Grand Rapids is about more than beer; it’s about building businesses and using technology to make things happen.

A lot of these events are focused on local presenters and topics, which let us hear from the brilliant and creative minds in our own community. But when you can combine these voices with ideas from the larger global audience, we have the opportunity to grow even further. That is the goal of Google I/O Extended Grand Rapids this year, and we hope the event can bridge that gap. 

What is Google I/O?

Google I/O, held in San Francisco, is one of the leading technology conferences in the world. The event sets the tone for where new technologies will go, with in-depth sessions on web, mobile, and enterprise applications. The event has become so popular, people wanting to attend have to enter a raffle just for the chance to buy a ticket. To open the event up to a larger audience, Google created I/O Extended, giving local communities the opportunity to stream the event and add local speakers.

What to Expect from Google I/O Extended Grand Rapids

With the help of a few local lead organizers and the generosity of sponsors like CQL, a little piece of Google I/O will be coming to Grand Rapids.  The event is free to attend and will be June 25th and 26th at Loosemore auditorium on GVSU’s downtown campus.

This should be an exciting event for anyone in the technology field because it can be a guide to what developers need to learn in the next 12 months. Talks from the local tech community will be interspersed between live-streamed Google talks on wearable technology, design, Google Glass, Nest, and more. Check out the line up for more information on specific breakout sessions.

In the past the great part of the conference is the range of diverse topics.  No matter if you are in Marketing, IT, or you’re a developer yourself, you’ll find something that interests you.  That’s what makes this year exciting for the team of organizers. Making sure that gap from San Francisco merges with the local talent we have here in GR. Not only will the attendees be able to hear from the speakers on the West Coast, they will also have a chance to hear from the local guys, and hear more in depth on what the changes mean to us locally. 

As our West Michigan developer community grows, hosting events like this one are crucial to keeping the momentum going. The event it sold out but you can add your name to the waitlist for any last minute spots. 

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