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CQL's Last Minute Tech Gift Guide for Procrastinators

If you’re anything like me, you finished your holiday shopping months ago (I haven’t even started) and would never wait until the last minute (every single year).

However, if you’re a gift buying procrastinator (guilty) and need some last minute ideas, here are 11 tech gift ideas to finish off your list.

Wink ($50)

The Wink Hub lets the smart home-obsessed friend control all of their smart appliances from one device and a central app. It works with Wink, GE, Nest, Quirky, and more to give you ultimate control over your smart home.

Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard  ($50)

This keyboard connects wirelessly to your computer, plus two other devices. Switch easily between each device with a simple dial. There’s even a mount built into the keyboard to hold your phone or tablet while you type.

GoPro Hero4 Black (499.99)

Consistantly rated as the highest quality action camera on the market, the GoPro Hero4 Black takes the features you loved from the previous models and enhances them for killer quality. It shoots 4k video at 30 frames per second, includes additional shoot modes like time lapse, and has better sound quality. This model blows any other competition out of the water. However, for a beginner, the Silver edition is still excellent at $400.

Amazon Echo ($199 or $99 for Prime members)

Echo is like a much smarter version of Siri, but for your entire home. Get weather, music, reminders, news and more all from simply speaking to the device. Echo learns and adapts to your speech patterns and personal preferences so it’s always getting smarter. 

Roku 3 ($85)

For the one on your list who still doesn’t have a steaming video box (or simply needs another) the Roku 3 is one of the best. The processer is faster and more responsive than any of the competitors and supports more than 1,000 channels, including Netflix, Amazon, HBO Go, Hulu Plus and more. It also has a handy remote with a headphone jack so you can watch as loud as you want without disturbing others.

Tile ($70 for a pack of 4)

For the loved one who can never remember where they put their keys, Tile it. Tile is a small, white square with an adhesive back and a hole for a key ring so you can attach it to anything you can’t stand to lose. Download the corresponding app and the GPS capabilities will let you know where you left your keys, wallet, baby, whatever it is you sometimes misplace. 

Socialmatic ($300)

For the techie hipster (is that a real thing?) who has everything, give the gift of retro with this modern Polaroid camera. Take and edit photos on the camera’s touch screen, then either post them to your social accounts or print out 2-by-3 inch photos with an adhesive back.        

Mobile Phone Travel Charger ($8.50)

The perfect stocking stuffer, this pen-sized charger is easy to carry with you when you need the extra smartphone battery boost. Requires two AA batteries and you have to actually remember to carry it with you, but other than that it’s a lifesaver.

Phone Charging Station ($15)

This three outlet charging station plugs into your wall and not only adds outlets but includes two USB ports as well for charging multiple phones at once. Plus, there’s even two docks for holding the phones while they charge so you don’t have to worry about leaving them on the floor to get stepped on.

Still haven’t found the perfect gift? Take a look at another one of our gift guides like this one, or this one here. Have any other ideas to add to our list? Write them in the comments below.

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