CQL and Byron Center Meats Talk HarvestBox on The Morning Show with Shelley Irwin

CQL and Byron Center Meats Talk HarvestBox on The Morning Show with Shelley Irwin

Recently, Bob Karel from CQL and Laura Sytsma of Byron Center Meats sat down for a radio interview with Shelley Irwin from WGVU to discuss the partnership between the two companies that resulted in HarvestBox. 

Byron Center Meats has been family owned and operated by Laura's husband's family for the last 70 years. Their longstanding philosophy has been to “make it better.” Steve, Laura's husband, wanted to bring people a better way to eat. 

Whatever they’re doing, how can they find a way to make it better? Whether that’s meat processing or, now, bringing the best possible meat to consumers nationwide. HarvestBox was one more way to make it better by improving the current meat distribution method and the food on your family’s table.

CQL has a similar “make it better” philosophy. By connecting people and data for good, we help customers find ways to make their businesses better, stronger, and more efficient. These parallels in philosophy made CQL and Byron Center Meats compatible and effective partners in creating this new product venture known as HarvestBox.

HarvestBox works to provide families with the best possible meat available by, as Laura explains in the interview, "very carefully selecting the farm partners that [they] work with," and, "connecting families with the farmer that is raising their meat."  

Byron Center Meats saw a problem with how most families are currently getting their food as well as the value of that food.

As Bob explains, "there's a concept right now that the value of the food is not on par with what it really should be. The statement we repeat back and forth between Laura and I is that there's a lot of people...that are filling the body, but not really feeding the body. So we're filling ourselves up so we're full, but at the end of the day we're absolutely exhausted." Bob goes on to discuss the HarvestBox goal of changing this concept so that we're feeding our bodies instead. 

To learn more about the partnership between CQL and Byron Center Meats and how you can get your hands on a HarvestBox, you can listen to the whole 13 minute interview here


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