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CodeMash 2016: Top Picks from Our Favorite Sessions

CQL recently attended CodeMash. As always, there were plenty of amazing sessions and it's hard to narrow it down, but here are a few of our top picks.

How Technology Enables West Michigan’s Economic Development

We sat down with our own Megan Sall to get her unique perspective on the roll of technology in our region.

5 Concrete Ways Tech Companies Can Support Gender Equality Today

The conversation around diversity in tech recently has been inspiring, but this is a problem that can't be solved by words alone. Here are five things companies can do now to make the tech industry more equal.

9 Awesome (Last Minute) STEM-Inspired Gifts for Kids

Looking for some educational gifts this year that your kids will actually enjoy? Fear not. We’ve collected 11 gifts for kids to inspire an interest (or further the interest they already have) in science, technology, engineering, and math.

7 Gifts For The Hard-To-Shop-For Designer On Your List

This year, our UX and Design Strategy team wanted to give you some gift ideas that we thought your design-loving friends and family would enjoy.

11 Incredible Tech Gifts for Everyone on Your Holiday Shopping List

Still searching for the perfect gift for everyone on your list? The search ends here. CQL's annual holiday gift guide has arrived. Check out the coolest tech-related gifts we could find, including smart jewelry, smart home devices, 3D printers, and more.

CQL Spotlight: Get to Know Paul Martin

Five minutes into a conversation with Paul Martin, you’ll get the sense that he’s a genuine, passionate person who, as the son of two missionaries who spent his childhood in Ukraine, probably has a few good stories to tell.

Family, Friends, and Cheesecake: A Few of the Things We're Thankful for at CQL

With Thanksgiving this week, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge what our team is most thankful for this year.

Why We Love Inbound Marketing (And You Should Too)

Instead of pushing promotional ads at potential customers, which they will probably ignore anyway, inbound marketing prioritizes creating something of value.

How to Track Your Social Media Success: 4 Metrics to Measure

We believe in gathering data, making sense of it, and using it to your advantage. That rule certainly applies to social media.

5 Effective Tips for Pinterest Marketing Beginners

With over 100 million monthly active users, Pinterest may be one of the best social platforms for showing off your products and services. Here are a few tips to help you start marketing on Pinterest.

Your Customers' Browsers May Be Risking Your Ecommerce Store's Security. Here's What You Should Know.

Some changes are being made to online security standards to fix a worldwide security hole. If you're running an ecommerce store, your customers' browsers may be making you vulnerable.

25 SEO Terms Every Digital Marketer Should Know [Glossary]

Mastering SEO tactics is half the battle, but it's hard to get there if you don't know the lingo. Here are some of the most important vocabulary terms to get you started.

5 Key Takeaways from the 2015 State of Inbound Marketing Report

This month, Hubspot released its annual State of Inbound Marketing report, which features survey data collected from nearly 4,000 respondents around the globe. The full report is packed with data, but here are a few of the main takeaways.

For Your Inspiration: 5 Major Brands Crushing It On Facebook

Deciding what to share on Facebook and how to engage followers can be daunting, but sometimes all you need is a little inspiration.

10 Tips for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media giants out there, yet many businesses are still undervaluing this important marketing tool. In fact, while about 3 million Company Pages have been created, only 57% of businesses have one.

CQL Spotlight: Top 4 Things You Didn't Know About Aubrey Baker

Outside of work, Aubrey's interests paint a much different, and more complete, picture in addition to the dedicated developer, passionately educating young women about the industry. Here are four things besides her enthusiasm for development that you might not already know.

Volkswagen Loses One-Third of Its Market Share, Learns the Real Value of Integrity

Volkswagen just learned the hard way that the most important part of a company is brand integrity and the trust of its consumers.

5 Insightful Blogs All Digital Marketers Should Follow (Besides This One)

Trends and best practices in digital marketing can change faster than any one human can possibly keep up. Fortunately, that's why marketers have each other. Well, each other and blogs.

Businesses Will Soon Know What Their Facebook Fans Really Think

After a decade, Facebook finally announced a "dislike" button. This change will surely shake up the social media platform, but what will it mean for business?

CQL, The Right Place, and Shelley Irwin Discuss Opportunities for Michigan Women in Technology

This morning on The WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin, CQL and The Right Place teamed up to talk about Michigan women in technology and the #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign.

Viral #ILookLikeAnEngineer Campaign Reaches Grand Rapids Tech Community

Four women from the CQL team were featured in an Mlive article about the viral #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign, created to combat stereotypes in the technology industry.

3 of This Week's Quick and Inspiring Reads for Entrepreneurs

Take a look at these three articles on creativity, innovation, and determination to end your week on a high note.

7 Essential Elements of Lead-Generating Landing Pages

So what makes a great landing page? Landing pages are different than the rest of your website. They have specific elements that make them landing pages which need to be included.

9 Pitfalls to Avoid on Your eCommerce Site

Avoid making these 10 critical eCommerce mistakes to benefit your users and your bottom line.

CQL and Byron Center Meats Talk HarvestBox on The Morning Show with Shelley Irwin

Recently, Bob Karel from CQL and Laura Sytsma of Byron Center Meats sat down with Shelley Irwin to discuss the partnership between the two companies that resulted in HarvestBox.

Can Amazon's Newest Competitor, Jet, Ever Take Off?

The newest Amazon competitor, Jet, officially launched to the public on Tuesday with a $600 million valuation.

The 5 Best Business Reads on The Internet This Week

Want to catch up on the internet's best business articles for the week? Cut through the clutter and start with these five. From increasing diversity, NASA's Pluto mission, to how to save your small businesses from making simple mistakes, here are five great business reads for the week.

7 Free Time-Saving Graphics Tools for Marketers

As a marketer, you know great graphics are the key to great content. Here are 7 free tools that will save you time creating amazing visual content.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page for Your New Product Venture

Since not every new venture will have a social media expert on board, we thought it would be valuable to share some tips, tricks, and step-by-step guides on how to set up and run new social media accounts. Here's how to create a new Facebook Business Page.

Meet Your Newest Demandware LINK Partner

CQL is pleased to announce our acceptance into the Demandware LINK Partner Ecosystem. We are thrilled to join the exclusive group of solutions providers implementing enterprise customers on the Demandware platform.

5 Ways to Make Mobile Users Hate Your Site

Making any of these 4 mistakes on your mobile site is sure to irritate users and drive away traffic.

15 Surprising Stats About the State of Digital Marketing

We've compiled a list of 15 surprising stats about digital marketing that will make you want to blog, tweet, and keyword optimize.

15 Astonishing Stats about Email Marketing to Make You Hit Send

While social media and mobile apps are possibly the most talked about ways to reach your audience, email has proven to be one of the most effective.

The 9 Best Apps to Improve Your Workday

There are literally millions of apps out there, but these are just a few to make daily tasks sleeker, faster, and less painful.

10 Things Business Owners Need to Know About Amazon Business

In true Amazon fashion, the eCommerce behemoth has launched a replacement of its current service, Amazon Supply, called Amazon Business that promises to be a single stop for all your business purchases.

Consumers Flock to the Apple Watch, But Many Developers Aren't Impressed

The developers explained that the Apple Watchkit is limiting the ability of third parties to create functional, beautiful apps. Meanwhile, native apps look great by comparison because they aren’t subjected to the same constraints.

Women in Technology: A Roundup

While we’ve been trying to participate in the conversation, there are plenty of other voices that are well worth hearing. We’ve rounded up a handful of articles that speak to the diversity problem in our industry to provide some new insights.

The Pros and Cons of Using Magento as Your eCommerce Solution

Like any eCommerce solution, whether it’s custom or off-the-shelf, Magento has advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few you need to know before making a decision.

What to Read to Improve Your Business (Besides This Blog)

We asked our team to share their favorite business-related books and why they think the books are so useful. Here are a few of their selections.

17 Revealing Stats About Women Working in Technology [Infographic]

Here are 17 statistics that show what it’s like to be a woman working in the technology industry, and what work we still need to do to make a difference.

4 Reasons Women Choose to Pursue Computer Science

Google studied 91 factors that could potentially influence the decision to pursue Computer Science and found four that were most influential: social encouragement, self perception, academic exposure, and career perception.

Diversity in Tech: Admitting We Have A Problem

Unfortunately, the industry we work in has developed a reputation for a lack of both ethnic and gender diversity. It's a reputation that’s justified and one that everyone in the industry needs to participate in changing.

8 Steps to Setting Up Your Company Blog

There are lots of benefits to setting up a company blog. Here are the steps you need to take to get your blog up and running.

4 Ways to Makeover Your Mobile Strategy in 2015

Looking back, we'll likely remember 2014 as the year mobile marketing became a major part of most companies' digital marketing efforts. Here are 4 ways to make sure your mobile strategy is up to date.

6 Digital Marketing Metrics to Check Every Week

Marketers live and breathe data every single day. To cut down on the chaos, it helps to create a checklist for yourself of which metrics are important to check most frequently.

8 Things About CQL I'll Miss While I'm Abroad

While I'm very excited about my adventure overseas, there are a lot of things I'll miss about being in the CQL office.

Bring Your Digital Marketing to New Heights With Conversion Pixels

Conversion pixels are a little known tool to help you measure the ROI of your digital marketing efforts.

8 Critical Metrics to Keep Your Digital Marketing On Track

Digital marketing will grow even more in the coming year. Here are 8 metrics to measure your success and make sure you're on the right track.

CQL's Last Minute Tech Gift Guide for Procrastinators

If you’re a gift buying procrastinator and need some last minute ideas, here are 11 tech gift ideas to finish off your list.

How to Choose the Right eCommerce Platform for Your Online Business

Here are three considerations for choosing the eCommerce platform that's right for your business.

How to Decide If Hubspot's CMS is Right for Your Website

Choosing a CMS is a big decision. With its sales and marketing tools in addition to a CMS, Hubspot may be a great option to consider. Here's how to know if it's right for your business.

5 Digital Marketing Resolutions to Make In the New Year

Just because you've seen positive results doesn't mean you're marketing strategy couldn't use fine tuning. Here are 5 digital marketing resolutions to make for the new year.

Gender Equality and Socialization: An Introduction

Where are all the women in technology? We're taking a look at this problem starting at the beginning, with gender equality and socialization.

Everything You Should Know About Near Field Communication

The concept of near field communication has been around for a few years now, but has only recently begun to make mainstream headlines.

How Custom Software Can Set Your Ecommerce Business Up For Success

Custom software can get your ecommerce business off to the right start and grow as your company grows.

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. As far as ROI, email marketing takes the lead.

5 Questions to Ask About Your Website Analytics

It's critical for business to track and monitor their website's analytics. Analytics allow you to learn more about your site performance, your customers, and where your business can improve.

What to Think About When Choosing a CRM

Choosing a customer relationship management system isn't easy, but it shouldn't be impossible. The following tips will make your CRM choices easy and worry free.

How to Create a Mobile App Consumers Will Love

Companies need to think seriously about the purpose and utility of their app before jumping on the bandwagon. In order to ensure your company’s app is something consumers actually want, here are a few key aspects to think through.

Why You Should Integrate Hubspot into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

There is no better way to plan, execute, and measure your digital marketing strategy than integrating it with HubSpot.

5 More Google Analytics Tips for Beginners

Google Analytics is an amazing tool that’s both robust and free. We think it’s an important tool for anyone with a website to know how to use.

5 Google Analytics Tips For Beginners

Over 50% of website have Google Analytics, but too many don't know how to use them. Here's how to get started learning more about your website.

How to Get More Out of Your Website Analytics

To really understand how visitors are using your site, you need to look deeper than page views. Here are a few ways to get more out of your site analytics.

Doing Ecommerce Right Means Mobile and More

Total ecommerce sales topped $250 billion in 2013, 13% higher than in 2012, and are projected to increase at least 10% annually over the next five years.

Why You Should Consider Orchard CMS to Grow Your Business

Choosing a Content Management System (CMS) is an important decision for your business. Here's why you should consider Orchard CMS.

How to Create a Mobile App Nobody Wants (In Seconds!)

There are plenty of companies that will instantly "turn your website into a mobile app," but don't be fooled by what they're offering.

How to Choose a Font for Your Website

One of the first parts of the website visitors will see is the font you've chosen. This means the font is one of your first opportunities to make a good first impression.

The Top Growing Ecommerce Design Trends This Year

An ecommerce site that “works” offers the products consumers want and creates an engaging, user-friendly experience.

Do Your Kids Know What You Do For A Living?

We wanted to see if our team's kids knew what their parents did for a living. Here's what they had to say.

5 Security Tools for Small eCommerce Companies

Anyone who runs an eCommerce business should always have security as a priority. Here are four different tools to help keep your company more secure.

4 Tips for A Successful eCommerce Password Management Strategy

With major ecommerce security breaches like the Heartbleed bug and massive Target hack, companies risk their reputations and customers' data when they don't take security seriously.

12 Factors to Help You Choose an eCommerce Platform

Choosing an eCommerce platform is an important step for any business. Here are 12 different factors you need to think about before making a decision.

How to Choose an eCommerce Platform for Your Business

Every eCommerce platform fits into one of these six categories. They all have their ups and downs, so think carefully when trying to pick the right one for your business.

5 Valuable Business Lessons Learned from Devouring a 5lb Burger

Surprising business lessons can be learned from eating 4,800 calories in one sitting.

Definitive Proof That Charmin Is The TP King Of Twitter

Charmin consistently uses humor to address relevant topics and drive engagement. Here are a few examples of Charmin being the King of Twitter.

Standardization or BYOD: What's Right for Your Business?

How do you manage BYOD policies in your business?

Jack Bauer Can Save The World, But Even He Can't Save Your Brand

Here's what you can learn from Jack Bauer about your brand's social media presence.

17 Jaw-Dropping Mobile Usage Statistics You Should Know

The future is mobile, but so is the present. Here are 17 amazing statistics about mobile usage today, and future expectations.

A Quick Guide to Evaluating Your Data Fitness [Slideshare]

Couldn't make it to the Solutions Expo? Here's what you missed.

How Fit is Your Data? Find Out at the Solutions Expo

How fit is your data? Mark Loew from CQL will explain how to recognize weaknesses in your data fitness and show you how to find solutions.

10 Inspired Tech Gifts for Father's Day

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, but don't worry; we’ve got you covered. Here's a list of some of our favorite tech gifts for dad.

Landing Pages: Why Do You Need Them on Your Website?

Your website should be a way to introduce web visitors to your company, then convert them into leads and nurture those leads into customers.

7 iOS8 Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

Here are some of the many features Apple rolled out at WWDC that will make using your devices and getting through your day that much easier.

Buyer Personas: Answers to Your Top Questions

Here are your top questions on developing buyer personas for your business.

How a Mobile Optimized Site Increases Sales

Not sure whether you should invest in a mobile strategy? Here's how creating a mobile optimized site can increase your sales.

6 Reasons Your Social Media is Failing and How to Save It

Is your social media underperforming? Here are some of the common mistakes you might be making and how to fix them.

Stop Making These Common SEO Mistakes Immediately

Here are 7 common keywords mistakes you might be making and how you can avoid them to improve your SEO.

The Undeniable Benefits of Business Blogging

Wish you could increase your company's web traffic and earn more customers? Those are just two of the reasons your company should blog.

12 Uniquely Awesome Tech Gifts for Mom

There's still time to find mom something amazing that will last more than a few days, so here's our list of 12 awesome tech gifts to wow mom this year.

How to Keyword Optimize to Boost SEO [Slideshare]

Know you need to think about SEO but not sure where to start? This post includes quick, helpful tips on how to start keyword optimizing.

Meet UV Angel, The Device That Could Reduce Illness On Cruises

UV Angel, an automatic disinfectant device, could be used to reduce the spread of infectious diseases on cruise ships.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Design for Your Website

Contemplating a website redesign? Responsive design isn't your only option.

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