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Gratitude: CQL's Word of The Year for 2017

An annual tradition here at CQL to take a moment, consider what each of us is thankful for?” and share some of those thoughts in an annual blog.

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As the World Cries out ‘Retail Is Dead,' Amazon Says ‘Long Live Retail.’ A Unified Commerce Experience Is Their Not-so-hidden Secret.

So if it is true retail is dying, why did Amazon just lay down $13.7 Billion to buy Whole Foods Market and its 460 stores?

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Four Winns' New Website and Configurator Helps Buyers Build Their Own Boat

Four Winns' New Website and Configurator Helps Buyers Build Their Own Boat -- making sure every boater and boating family can create the boat of their dreams with a “build-a-boat” configurator.

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How CQL Used Analytics, Mobile-First Design and Integrated Marketing to Create a New Digital Experience.

A simple theme guided the design of our new experience “If your work speaks for itself, stop talking.”

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Cyber-Monday News Flash: Wolverine Worldwide speeds mobile shopping on 15 e-stores with Apple Pay

Apple Pay and Salesforce Commerce Cloud on 15 Shoe and apparel brands for Cyber Monday

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At CQL, this is what we are thankful for...

An annual tradition where we ask each 0ther "What are you thankful for?"

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Apple Pay & Salesforce Enable Ecommerce Conversions for Mobile Holiday Shopping

The 2015 holiday season showed mobile shopping bigger than ever, with 45% increase in mobile traffic and 82% increase in conversions. It is easy to expect that the 2016 holiday season promises to continue that trend.

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With online sales predicted to reach $523B by 2020, marketing teams are re-platforming their ecommerce stores

With 270 million consumers buying on-line and browsing-to-buy by 2020, the ability to scale has made re-platforming ecommerce important to marketers.

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HarvestBox: From A Dream and a Sketch, to a Brand New Venture

Last fall, Steve Sytsma came to us with a dream and a sketch, and from that moment we were all in... Since 1946, Steve's family had been connecting with farmers to provide families with high quality meats. But as Steve saw it, the world of farming had changed and not for the better.

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One Man’s Reflection on Four Years of TEDxGrandRapids

Every year the TEDxGrandRapids brings awe-inspiring speakers to the stage to share, engage and inspire our community.

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What Our Coffee Pot and Your eCommerce Site Have In Common

Am unofficial study of software developers' behavior.

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CQL Reaches Adulthood

CQL celebrates 18 years of custom software development. Yes, this means we're technically "adults."

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TEDxGrandRapids 2012 Theme – Why ‘What Now?'

TEDxGrandRapids launches 2012 theme: What Now?

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Why Customer Experience Marketers Hate Boxed CMS Systems

Why many marketers hate shrink-wrapped CMS systems and how to decide if a custom option is right for you.

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