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MiCareerQuest gave over 8200 students a glimpse into their futures, and it was so awesome.

Over 90,000 thousand square feet of live, hands-on demonstrations in Health Care, Technology, Manufacturing and Construction awaits them. Almost 1100 volunteers greeting them with open arms....

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Mobilegeddon is Coming. Is Your Website Ready?

Google has been encouraging webmasters for some time now to make the transition to mobile-friendly websites. Now, the day of reckoning has almost arrived for those who didn’t heed the warnings.

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Google I/O Comes to Grand Rapids

Google I/O is coming to Grand Rapids June 25th and 26th. Here's what to expect from the event.

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4 Reasons We're Counting Down to TEDxGrandRapids

For 4 years we've been involved with TEDxGrandRapids and we can't wait for the event. Here are four reasons you should be looking forward to it too.

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TEDxGrandRapids 2014 Asks "What's Connected?"

TEDxGrandRapids launch party announces the theme for 2014, "What's Connected?"

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Software Developers or Lumberjacks? Either Way, Kids' Food Basket Wins

Check out our No Shave November progress to support Kids' Food Basket in West Michigan.

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No Shave November Charitable Challenge

This Movember, our team is taking on a challenge to support Kids' Food Basket.

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Lessons on Gamification from aimWEST

Top 4 takeaways from aimWEST about gamification.

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How Technology Advancements Increase eCommerce Sales

As technology evolves, it's use in improving sales is expanding.

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CodeMash Blog 4 of 10

Lessons from Codemash 2012

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CodeMash Blog 2 of 10

Responsive web design at Codemash.

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CodeMash Blog 1 of 10

Codemash 2012.

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What You Need to Know About Mobile Monday Grand Rapids

An update on Mobile Monday Grand Rapids.

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Top 5 Reasons to Develop a WP7 App This Year

WP7 is a fresh, exciting platform for app development this year. Here's why you should give it a shot.

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