How CQL Used Analytics, Mobile-First Design and Integrated Marketing to Create a New Digital Experience.


You’ve heard the story of the cobbler’s children having no shoes? In the digital services industry, it is easy to fall into the trap of never setting aside enough time to do for yourselves the work you offer to customers.

As CQL set out to plan the re-development of our website, we promised ourselves that we would not fall victim to this “cobbler” mentality. We made sure to address our new digital presence with the same attention to detail that we apply to the work we do with our customers.

So for our own website re-boot, we practiced what we preach; we studied our digital behaviors and marketing personas, and applied the latest in experience design and technology to our solution.

Here is what we learned when we turned our practice onto ourselves:

A Simple Strategy: Practice What We Preach

We started with the website data. After years of gathering integrated Google and Hubspot analytics, we knew that we needed to remove the traditional homepage and elevate “our work” front and center. That is what people wanted to see. (The data told us so.)

And then we got to work on creating the experience: 

  • We re-wrote the copy and made it easier for our target customers to find us based on the keywords that mattered. We integrated the digital insights from our blog into our customer experience.
  • Our UX team created a fresh new experience that shares our culture alongside the business results we have achieved.
  • We embedded videos to provide site visitors with an early introduction to our studio, design process and team.
  • We ensured standards were referenced across all of our touch-points, knowing that great brands are consistent. We even created a custom font library that helps convey our brand down to the pixel.
  • We used a mobile-first design process to make sure our hand-held visitors get a unique experience (and they can use their human-sized thumbs to navigate our site as easily as if it was a desktop experience). 

Experience Results

Our strategy and design teams landed on a simple theme that guided the design of our new website: if your work speaks for itself, stop talking.

For the last two decades we have been fortunate to have both local businesses and the world’s most iconic brands as our customers. We have helped them launch their digital stores, streamline business processes and envision world-changing ideas.

Even a look back at our customer's results for 2016  tells our story better than we can:

  • 97% increase in ecommerce conversions
  • 200% increase in business to business leads
  • Millions of data-records from IoT sensors delivered to mobile dashboards
  • Dozens of mission-critical business applications that reduce steps and improve customer satisfaction
  • A digital marketplace that connects the 54 countries of Africa
  • Wearable RFID business tools that enhance quality and efficiency

If we were overly proud of anything, it would be our customers and teammates who focused their passion and expertise on achieving these kinds of results.

Elegant Code Enabling the Experience

Wanting a light-weight platform to enable our web experience, our software engineers went to work on a custom content management system (CMS) tuned for our business.

  • Leveraging ReactJS and HTML5 standards, our custom CMS provides a rich storytelling experience for customers and an easy tool for our engagement team to update projects and news.
  • There are no plug-ins to slow down site-load times or provide open doors for hackers.
  • The integrated HubSpot analytics and inbound tools allow our digital marketing team to quickly publish blogs and run campaigns that integrate into our website experience.
  • SEO tagging and site architecture is automated to make it easy on search engines.

‘For the simplicity that lies this side of complexity, I would not give a fig, but for the simplicity that lies on the other side of complexity, I would give my life.’ ~O.W. Holmes

Connecting People and Data for Good.™

Today we are a digital agency that specializes in world-class ecommerce, digital marketing, business software, experience design and business strategy.

When our founding partners started CQL, cell phones resembled bricks and the internet was only accessed by a few.

At that time, CQL did not know what the brand would become. However, we had some guiding principles that created a place where teammates were given the opportunity to shine and customers were given the confidence to change.

Although our world continues to change and our brand has been refreshed, our foundational principles have not changed. And as it should be, we are still...

Connecting People and Data for Good.™

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