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7 Cool Father's Day Gifts for Techie Dads

As Father’s Day approaches, it might be easy to fall into the old habit of getting a good “standby” gift for Dad. But let’s face it, the man probably has enough ties by now, and you can really only have one “#1 Dad” coffee mug before things get weird.

If you’re out of ideas and are looking for something a little more hip for dear old dad, take a look at our tech-inspired gift guide:

1. Looftlighter ($70)

As Summer approaches, your Dad will be spending plenty of time cooking out on the grill. While lighter fluid may be his go-to option for easily lighting the charcoal, we can all agree it lacks a certain panache (and sometimes adds undesired lighter fluid-y flavor to your food). That’s where the Looftlighter comes in. Simply touch the curling iron-shaped tool to the charcoal, and you have white-hot coals in about a minute.

2. Flipside 3x Wallet ($40)

In today’s world, you can’t be too careful when it comes to protecting your identity, and a lot of identifying info is stored in your wallet. The Flipside 3x Wallet protects Dad’s daily use items in more ways than one. First, the reinforced polycarbonate shell is scratch-proof and strong enough to withstand a lot of pressure, so Dad’s cards won’t be bent or crushed. Second (and more importantly), the wallet blocks RFID, so all credit card information is kept safe. The wallet’s design is sleek and low-profile, and (as a bonus) it isn’t falling apart at the seams like your Dad’s current wallet probably is.

3. LithiumCard ($40)

And now for something to tuck into that cool new wallet! The LithiumCard is a credit-card-sized charger that Dad can use instead of bringing a bunch of cables into the office with him. It’s a hypercharger, so it will actually charge his phone at about the same rate as a wall charger (1% charging capacity per minute). There are options for both Micro USB and Lightning (compatible with Apple products), so your dad, much like Tim Taylor, can always count on “More Power!”

4. IN1 Multi-Tool Utility Phone Case ($40)

It’s hard to overstate how useful smartphones have become. Your dad probably uses his to check game scores, buy movie tickets, and (of course) call his favorite kid. But does he use his phone as a nail file? Or a screwdriver? Or a bottle opener? If he does, he should probably stop, unless it’s because you already bought him an IN1 Multi-Tool Utility Phone Case. The IN1 is a polycarbonate case that not only protects your phone, but also provides easy access to a bunch of tools (such as the aforementioned nail file, screwdriver, and bottle opener, as well as a small pair of scissors, both blue and red ink pens, and tweezers). Dad’s smartphone just got a lot smarter.

5. Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer ($150)

Help Dad get the most out of his golf game. Zepp consists of a small sensor you attach to your golf club, and a free app you can download (your dad can also choose to just download the app and forgo the use of the sensor, although the info he receives will be more limited). As he swings, the sensor records his movement, club speed, tempo, and other pertinent information to show him exactly what he needs to improve. The Zepp sensor can also be used to analyze baseball, softball, and tennis movements.

6. Sonic Beer Foamer ($30)

If your dad is something of a beer snob, this gift is perfect for him. He’ll simply have to place a glass of beer on the foamer, and with a touch of a button he’ll send ultrasonic waves through the drink (cool, right?). This creates a head of uniform bubbles at the top of the glass (make sure he’s left a little room, or you’ll end up with uniform bubbles all over the countertop). The Sonic Beer Foamer will create a head on Dad’s beer, even if he’s at the bottom of the bottle.

7. Annoy-a-Tron ($10)

Does your dad love a good prank? The Annoy-a-Tron is a small, easily hidden device about the size of a business card. The real fun happens after it’s hidden. The Annoy-a-Tron will make one of five different annoying noises, driving Dad’s unsuspecting victims crazy while they look for the source. The noises include a cricket chirp, a beep, a doorbell, and two electronic tones (one of which can only typically be heard by people under age 30). The device includes a small magnet and a battery that lasts at least 1 month with regular use. Fair warning: if you buy this for your Dad, there’s a chance you may be his first victim. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Do you have any other gift ideas we didn't mention? Share them in the comments below! For more inspiration, check out our 2014 Father's Day gift guide and even our Mother's Day guide has some great ideas for dad.

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