6 Digital Marketing Metrics to Check Every Week

Marketers live and breathe data every single day. No effective marketer creates and publishes content without tracking and measuring the results. How would we ever know if we were successful? With all the many important metrics and an overload of potential data, it is easy to become overwhelmed.

To cut down on the chaos, it helps to create a checklist for yourself of which metrics are important to check most frequently. Here are the ones you will want to keep an eye on at least once a week.

Total Site Visits

Obviously one of the goals of digital marketing is to increase the number of visitors who reach your site. The more people who come to the site, the more leads and customers you’re likely to see. This is an important metric to be tracking, especially if one of your primary marketing goals is increasing visitors. Watching this number will let you know if you need to adjust your plan or make an extra push on social media toward the end of the month.

Blog Views

Blogging is one of the greatest tools in your marketing toolbox. Blogging provides your audience with great content to read and share, gives you something worthwhile to promote on social media, and boosts your SEO. With that in mind, it makes sense that monitoring how many views your individual blog posts get should be high on your list. 

Social Engagement

Putting content out into the universe is not enough. Ultimately, you want people to connect and engage with that content in meaningful ways. Increasing your overall number of followers is great, but you also want to get those followers engaging with your content and your brand. Keep an eye on your engagement rates for your social posts and blogs during the week to gauge how compelling your content is to your audience. Use this measurement to track your progress over the coming weeks or make adjustments as needed.


Whether these are the click-through-rates (CTR) for your email marketing, calls-to-action (CTA’s), or social posts, make sure to check these weekly. This information will let you know, similar to social engagement, how compelled your audience is by the information you offer. Compare these CTRs to rates for previous weeks to see which email subject lines, social links, or CTAs are working most effectively and which need to be updated.

Conversion Rates

How many of your web visitors are converting into leads? How many leads are turning into customers? Take a look at trends in conversion rates to see what content is performing the highest and how to replicate that success in other areas of your digital marketing strategy. For example, if you have a particularly high performing landing page, take a look at the page copy, images, offer, and other aspects of the page. What does this page have in common with other lower performing landing pages? What changes can be made to these lower performing pages to make them more successful? A/B testing small changes and monitoring results, like the number of field forms or the images use, can make a big difference.

Traffic Sources

Monitor your traffic sources every week to know where your online traffic is coming from. Are most of your visitors getting to your site through social sources? Or organic search? Email marketing? Is there a particular source that is growing over time? One that is stalling? You may need to figure out whether to optimize the lower performing source or focus on the one that is driving traffic. Are certain social media channels performing better than others? It is possible that your buyer personas are not on the channel that is struggling.

Managing your brand’s digital marketing is a never-ending job. However, focusing your efforts on a few areas to start with can simplify your weekly routine and help you maximize productivity. Start with these metrics and monitor them to track your progress and make adjustments in the future.


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