5 Questions to Ask About Your Website Analytics

5 Questions to Ask About Your Website Analytics

It’s very important for businesses to monitor and understand their website analytics. Analytics can show thenumber and behavior or site visitors, bounce rate, geo-location, and other important data.

Also critical to this conversation is that you know what drives traffic to your site and keeps visitors coming back.

Why Website Analytics are Essential

What’s drawing the most traffic? You can check your most viewed pages and see what’s performing the best. You may be able to find aspects of these pages to replicate in other parts of your site. Conversely, you can monitor poorly performing pages and decide if they’re worth keeping or how to improve them.

What is your click-through-rate (CTR)? This could be the number of visitors who see a call-to-action (CTA) and click through to a landing page, or the number of people who click on a link in an email, etc. Are your emails, CTAs, and landing pages performing well? If not, you may need to A/B test them to improve performance.

What is your bounce rate? Analytics can show your site's bounce rate, or the percentage of visitors who leave after only one page. An average bounce rate is 50%, so more than that may signal a problem with your site. Knowing this information is critical to improving your bounce rate and getting people to stay on your site longer.

How well does your website convert? It’s important to know how many people are converting from your CTAs to landing pages, and from landing pages to leads (giving you their email address). Are some pages converting higher than others? Are customers abandoning their carts? Keep an eye on these conversion rates to see how well your website is performing and where it needs improvement.

Are you A/B testing? Some businesses choose to do "split A/B testing" to see which version of their page converts the best. This is just one of the positive actions you can take to increase your results. But you won't know which version is the highest performing if you don't analyze your data.

Once you isolate the factors that produce specific customer behaviors, it will be easier to strategize on how to increase leads, conversions, and customers.

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