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5 Digital Marketing Resolutions to Make In the New Year

Digital Marketing has become a core business strategy with proven results. Marketing your business online gives you access to your specific marketing audience.

However, just because you've seen positive results doesn't mean you're marketing strategy couldn't use fine tuning. Here are 5 digital marketing resolutions to make for the new year:

1. Update Your Goals

You may think you have the same goals as last year, but take a closer look. More likely than not, you've hit at least some of the milestones you were aiming for in your long-term goals. Take some time to review your goals and update them based on what has (and hasn't) worked this year. Develop a new goal for 2015, and come up with milestones throughout the year to reach it.

2. Stop Relying on Automation

Automation can be a time (and sanity) saving tool for many tasks. When it comes to connecting with customers, automation just can't replace person-to-person communication. This year, make a point to explore new and different ways to stay engaged with your customers. Offer them valuable insight into your company and/or industry that comes from a person, not a computer. For instance, having a designated company blogger is a good way to keep your blog up to date with industry related news. Someone should also be checking in to any company social media accounts daily and responding to comments from customers or visitors. Customers who feel like they have a real connection to a company are more likely to do business with that company.

3. Think Outside the Desktop

In 2014 mobile devices became the primary source of Internet use, meaning you need to think "mobile" before "desktop" when it comes to planning out your digital marketing strategy. Make sure to optimize the customers' experience when they're on the go as well as when they're at home. Analyze when and why customers would use a mobile version of your website over a desktop version. For instance, many stores now offer a way for customers to scan a product to compare prices and/or look for coupons.

4. Freshen Up Your Content

Enough with the boring brand presence that doesn't say anything filling up your blog. Your customers are interested in what you have to say, provided what you're saying is current and interesting. Produce fresh content through blogs, social media, and your company website to intrigue current customers and bring in new ones. Stay on top of current industry trends, and bring your customers information about the industry as well as your specific company. This will make your customers think of you as an industry leader.

5. Think Quality Over Quantity

The old adage still rings true, especially in a time of digital marketing. Google and Facebook are just some of the websites that allow you to figure out your target audience. This year, target specific niche groups that will actually buy your product instead of trying to do a general campaign. Your target audience is already interested in your product and company and will likely be more loyal customers in the future. Interacting with customers on social media is just one way to connect with a niche group. Those customers who see you interacting with them will likely use word of mouth to promote your company and/or product.

Even in the age of digital marketing, the personal touch is what really sells. This new year, make it a priority to keep an authentic human touch in your digital marketing campaign. Use these resolutions to get started on your digital marketing strategy for 2015. Keep in mind, what we refer to now as "digital marketing" will soon just be known as marketing, inseparable from the rest of your strategy.


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