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3 Ways You Can Supercharge Your Online Business with Universal Analytics

You’ve made it: you finally have a smooth, sleek website for your company. Maybe you even made the jump to mobile and have a well-designed and useful app (if not, you can get some great tips here). You’ve worked hard, and now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, right?

Well, not quite. 

Every time a consumer visits your site, they provide you with invaluable data that can make your business better. What you need now is a way to pool that information and make it meaningful, so you can then put it to work for you. Enter: Universal Analytics

As we mentioned earlier this year, Universal Analytics is the new-and-improved version of Google Analytics, and it’s recently become Google’s default analysis reporting software for new properties.  Once you implement the Universal Analytics software, you’ll feel like you’re plugged into The Matrix. Universal Analytics will provide you with a wellspring of information you can use to generate more traffic, sales, and engagement. Here are some examples of what Universal Analytics has to offer:

Unique User IDs       

Universal Analytics allows you to assign a unique User ID to a site visitor that will stick with them across multiple devices and online sessions. You’re basically giving out nametags, so that no matter where you run into your users on your website, you’ll recognize them and be able to better meet their needs.

Why is this good for your company?

Previous versions of Google’s Analytics software counted each session and each device as a separate and unique user. Now, with the use of Universal Analytics’ User IDs, you can assemble a complete picture of what your users are clicking on, searching for, and buying. The data, rather than existing just as raw numbers, instead tells a story about what your users like, want, and need. And who better to provide those things than you and your company?

Tracking Code

Universal Analytics also provides a tracking code that is one of the most flexible on the market. You can use this tracking code to gather data from any digital device that connects to the internet. From gaming consoles to coffee makers to washing machines -- you and your company can use Universal Analytics’ unique technology to gather hits or points of purchase, among other information.

Why is this good for your company?

Prior to rolling out Universal Analytics, Google’s analytic software could really only track user data from your website or mobile app. With Universal Analytics, the sources of information are nearly as limitless as the internet itself. Taking advantage of this unique offering could drastically increase the information your analytic software provides you, and when it comes to analytics, information is power.

Customizable Options

Another big upgrade from Google Analytics software is the ability to customize both metrics and dimensions. Remember how we said information is power? This upgrade gives you the chance to make your business more powerful than ever. If you’ve ever looked at your analytics data and wished the data was more specific to your unique business, you’ll definitely want to implement custom dimensions and/or metrics.

Why is this good for your company?

No one knows your business as well as you do, so why stick to a one-size-fits-all method of analyzing your data? Universal Analytics offers a way to make your website work harder for you. You’ll be able to tell the software exactly what kind of information you’re looking for, such as membership type, whether someone’s signed in, or the number of loyalty points they have. Again, the options are wide and varied here.

The Bottom Line

I’ve already said a couple of times, but really, the main takeaway here is that information is power when it comes to analytics -- and Universal Analytics provides you with more information than most other analytics software available today. With this information you can create a holistic picture of how your consumers are using what your business has to offer, as well as better anticipate what they may need in the future. It all boils down to more information for you, which will help you make your business even better. After all, you’ve worked so hard for your business; why not let it work for you a bit?

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