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3 Effective Strategies to Supercharge Your Mobile Campaign

At this point, mobile phones are starting to out number trees in their ubiquity. People love their phones, and smart marketers have to learn to love mobile too.

Marketing gospel has preached the value of knowing the customer since sales became a business. Today, knowledge about the customer is called data, and the best place to mine that data is from your customer's phones.

To help marketers boost their mobile campaign success, here are three tips that will generate leads, convert more sales, and help your business dominate.

Less is More on Landing Pages

The longer your customer thinks about buying a product, the less likely they are to actually buy it. Avoid giving your customers any hesitation with a straightforward conversion process.

One way to achieve this is by creating a clear call-to-action. It's a very effective marketing tactic, however you don't want to make the process confusing or require a frustrating form. Instead, avoid all the clutter and create a clear, clickable call-to-action. These are clickable buttons that are easy to spot and large enough for the average thumb.

A Google study found that 61% of mobile users called after performing a local business search when there was a clickable CTA. These work better than filling out forms. Filling out required forms is more difficult with mobile phones because of their small screen size, which will make your customers frustrated. While forms are important, it's recommended you use this next tip...

Automatic or Progressive Profiling

Progressive profiling fills forms out automatically based on the information the user provided on their last visit. It works like a cookie, but better, because cookies have a shelf life.

Not only will this save the customer time by reducing the number of forms they have to fill, but it will reduce the amount of data you need to sift through.

Fewer fields lead to higher mobile conversions because it reduces customer hesitation. When all their information is already filled out, there's less hassle and less time for them to change their minds about buying the product.

Target Your Demographic

Smartphone data provides more accurate information than cookie data found on desktops. Marketers should leverage all this data to generate valuable leads. For example, location-based hardware or services allows you to offer promotions tied into a physical store. Whenever a customer comes into your store, a coupon code or discount could immediately appear on their screen. You can potentially gather even more leads and customer loyalty by offering immediate discounts or specials when customers use their mobile phone to become Facebook fans. 

Another way to target customer loyalty is by allowing consumers to be cardless when they make a purchase at a physical location. Instead, they can use their mobile device as a loyalty card, which would also make it easier for you to follow your customers’ buying patterns.

These tips help you collect and leverage customer data to effectively improve the sales conversion process. Your mobile strategy must always aim to spark consumer action, customer acquisition, leads, and sales.

Keep in mind that consumers prefer an easy buying process. While more data is better, keep the design simple, clean, and unforgettable.

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