17 Revealing Stats About Women Working in Technology [Infographic]

AHistorically, there has been a serious lack of women working in technology.

At CQL, we know that there aren’t enough women in this industry, and we’ve also discussed some of the reasons they choose other industries. 

As data-loving people, we’re big fans of facts and statistics. We’ve found plenty of stats about this issue in technology and have chosen some of the most poignant to show an overview of this diversity problem.

Here are 17 statistics that show what it’s like to be a woman working in the technology industry, and what work we still need to do to make a difference.

Infographic: 17 Revealing Statistics About Women Working in Technology

CQL is invested in creating opportunities for woman in technology to drive innovation, better solutions, and a more collaborative workplace.

Stay tuned for more on this issue, including what changes CQL has made and what work we still need to do. 

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