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12 Uniquely Awesome Tech Gifts for Mom

Let's be honest, your mom probably doesn't need more chocolates and flowers that you may or may not (no judgment) pick up on Mother's Day morning. Okay, she doesn't technically need anything on this list either, but they are definitely much cooler alternatives to the typical Mother's Day gift. 

You've still got time to find your mom something amazing that will last more than a few days, so here's our list of 12 awesome tech gifts to wow mom this year.

1. Belkin CarAudio Connect FM with Bluetooth ($99)

Play music from your smartphone through your car's speakers, or make hands-free calls. Easily switch between the two with the one-touch call/play button. ClearScan technology finds the clearest signal for calls and music and the magnetic mount can go pretty much anywhere on the dashboard that's convenient. 

2. Kohler Moxie Showerhead ($147)

In case she didn't get enough music in the car, now she can play her favorite tunes in the shower. The wireless speaker lets her listen to music or news from Bluetooth enabled devices up to 32 feet away. The speaker pops out for easy recharging or to use on it's own. 

3. Jawbone UP24 ($150)

The Jawbone UP24 is a "holistic" fitness and sleep tracker that monitors your activity in the background using Bluetooth. It has a sleek design, full week of battery life, and robust app that lets you add things like your meals or mood. Unlike other wearables, the UP24 doesn't have a screen, so you have to view your stats on a smartphone. It is thinner and less clunky, which is nice, and it also vibrates to send you reminders (like if you need to drink more water that day).

4. Proximo Key Fob Bluetooth Tracker ($35.99)

Mom will never forget her phone again with this tracker. The fob attaches to a keychain and alerts you if your keys and phone get too far away from each other. It also lets you trigger the alarm to find your phone (even if it's on vibrate) (even on vibrate) or use the app to find your keys. Just don't lose both at the same time.

5. Parrot Flower Power ($60)

For the mom who gardens, there's probably no better gift than this Bluetooth powered plant monitor. The Flower Power takes measurements of the soil, temperature, and sunlight which updates on the app. The app takes the data from the monitors in the tool and shares maintenance tips, like when you need to water or fertilize your plant next. It also has a database of more than 7,000 plants with practical care tips.

6. Philips Hue Light Bulbs Starter Pack ($199)

The Hue light bulbs let you create a "personal wireless lighting environment" that you can control from anywhere using a mobile device. Control the brightness and color and set timers to dim or brighten rooms at specific times of day. Plus, Hue bulbs use 80% less energy than regular bulbs. No more getting out of bed when you realize you've left the basement light on. Just pick up your tablet to turn it off. 

7. The Orange Chef Prep Pad ($149)

The nutrition-savvy mom (who also has an iPad) will love this smart scale. Combined with the Countertop app, the Prep Pad gives you real-time nutrition insights into your food. Personalize the app to set goals, visualize your nutrition, and adjust your recipes to meet your health goals. The app also provides USDA nutrition guidelines based on the personal info you provide. When you place something on the pad, the app will ask you what it is, then provide a breakdown of the carbs, calories, vitamins and more, all based on the weight of the food. You can add just one item or an entire recipe. 

8. Withings Smart Body Analyzer ($149)

This super smart scale doesn't just measure weight, but also BMI, heart rate, and even air quality. It automatically recongnizes up to 8 users so the whole family can use the scale, plus it's compatible with over 100 health and fitness apps.

9. Zazzle Custom iPhone Case ($35+)

Zazzle offers tons of different options for customizable cases. Add mom's initials to a predesigned case in her favorite colors, or upload a custom photo to create a completely unique case. 

10. Waterpebble ($12)

The Waterpebble monitors the amount of water going into the drain when you shower and helps you reduce water usage over time. Using your first shower as a benchmark, the device uses "traffic lights" to tell you when it's time to get out. Over time, it reduces the length of your shower and helps you save water (and time).

11. KOR Nava Hydration Vessel

The BPA-free water bottle uses coconut shell filters (sustainably manufactured) to surpass standards for chlorine taste and odor removal. It has a sleek design, comes in multiple colors, is eco-friendly, and automatically filters tap water. 

12. togoPower Boost Keychain ($40)

This handy keychain gives your iPhone or Android an extra 1.5 hours of power when you run out and has charging cables built in. Plus, the USB cable means you can use it as a connector too. 


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