11 Incredible Tech Gifts for Everyone on Your Holiday Shopping List

11 Incredible Tech Gifts for Everyone on Your Holiday Shopping List

Still searching for the perfect gift for everyone on your list? The search ends here. CQL's annual holiday gift guide has arrived, and this year there will be more than one.

Below, you'll discover a diverse selection of the coolest tech-related gifts we could find, including smart jewelry, smart home devices, 3D printers, and more. 

If you still want more ideas, check back at our blog soon for design-inspired gifts and cool STEM gifts for kids. 


Ringly believes that technology should be subtle and jewelry should be smart. A fitting motto for the company that makes smart jewelry so stylish and unobtrusive, you’d never know it could give you customized notifications. Use the app to set various patterns of subtle vibrations and lights to let you know which of your connected apps is getting a notification. ($195-$225)

Smartphone Projector 

For the film-buff who loves tech and DIY, try the smartphone projector they can build themselves. The retro-style projector works with most smartphones and displays photos, videos, and texts on your wall. Sharing your favorite cat videos with all your friends just got even easier. ($32)

Pebble Time Round 

With notifications, personalization, and voice reply features, Time Round is the smart watch for people who don’t want to be caught wearing a smart watch. Until you get a notification, Time Round looks just like any other sleek, fashionable watch but comes with the smart features you want the most. Battery life lasts for two days and it comes in five different styles. This little guy is perfect for those who would never sport an Apple Watch. ($250)

Chromecast Audio 

If you thought Chromecast was just for streaming movies and shows, you’ve been missing out. The new Chromecast Audio plugs into your speakers and lets you stream music from your phone, tablet, or laptop to make your everyday speakers just a little smarter. It’s the same easy-to-use streaming system you love about the “traditional” Chromecast, but for tunes. ($35)

Polaroid’s Zip Instant Mobile Printer 

Raise your hand if you take hundreds (or thousands) of photos on your phone, and never actually print any of them out. This gift is for the loved one on your list who does the same. No ink, no toner, just a portable printer the size of a smartphone that can wirelessly print all your Instagram-able moments in under a minute. The printer works with iPhone and Android and lets you edit images before printing the 2x3 inch, full-color photos (which you can turn into stickers by peeling off the back). ($130-$180)

Micro 3D Printer 

A high-quality, personal 3D printer that’s ready to use right out of the box. You’ll have a hard time finding a better one under $1,000. Compact and quiet, just download your designs and watch it start printing high-quality creations every time. ($449)

Circle with Disney 

Circle is one of those “parents’ best friend, kids’ worst nightmare” ideas. Parents can easily connect Circle to the devices in their home and set customized time limits and content filters based on family member or device. Want your kids to quit surfing Facebook and come down for dinner? You can pause the internet so they can’t use it again until you say so. You can even set bedtimes for each of your children with Circle so that their devices shut down at the same time every night. Don’t thank us. Thank Circle. ($99)

DxO One Camera 

The DxO is a high-quality camera that attaches directly to your smartphone so you can leave your clunky DSLR at home. For the one on your list who wants to take incredible photos anytime, anywhere, without lugging around tons of heavy equipment. Essentially turning your smartphone screen into a viewfinder, the DxO takes 20.2 megapixel photos and has a maximum aperture of f/1.8. It’s a pocket-sized professional camera. ($599)

Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality has arrived, and it’s mobile. Simply attach one of the four Samsung smartphones compatible with the VR headset and start playing games, watching a movie, connecting with friends, or taking a tour, with you right in the center of the action. ($99)

Automatic Adapter

The Automatic Adapter is essentially a fitness tracker for your car. The adapter plugs into your car’s diagnostics port (likely hidden under the dash) and, of course, pairs with a free mobile app to provide you with information about your car and your driving habits. The adapter can even diagnose your check engine light, give you tips on how to save money on gas, locate your parked car, and send help if you’re in a crash. ($80)


Rachio is a smart sprinkler system that gives you complete control over your yard and helps you save money and the environment by using data to adjust watering. Real-time reporting shows you how much money you save and tracks your water usage, creates flexible schedules that change according the weather, and more. ($249-$299)

Still haven't found something for everyone on your list? Don't worry, we have more gift guides coming in time for the holidays. Stay tuned this week for more ideas. 

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