Fathers Day Gifts

10 Inspired Tech Gifts for Father's Day

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, but those of you who haven’t gotten dad a gift yet shouldn’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We compiled a list of some of our favorite devices for dads with all kinds of interests.

Send back the monogramed golf balls and “kiss the cook” apron and check out these ideas instead.

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Jawbone Jambox Mini ($129.99)

If dad loves music, the Jambox Mini is a great choice. Small enough to take with you, but powerful enough for a barbecue, the beach, or wherever dad wants to take his tunes this summer. You can connect multiple Jamboxes for enhanced sound or connect it to an iPad to get the most out of your mobile movie.

Oyster ($9.95)

Whether dad loves Stephen King or Nicholas Sparks, with over 500,000 titles he’s sure to find something on Oyster. The “Netflix for books” lets dad access as many books as he can read with a $9.95 monthly subscription. Books are accessible on iOS or

Pebble Steel ($249)

For the dad who is tech-savvy and stylish (or at least thinks he is) Pebble Steel combines a sleek, waterproof design with the convenience of wearable tech. Dad will be able to check messages, run apps, get directions, and track fitness just by glancing at his wrist. 

The Tablet Lawn Chair ($59.95)

It’s kind of like the Fisher-Price Apptivity Seat except instead of babies who can’t hold a device, it’s for dads who just don’t want to. Essentially a lawn chair with a flexible arm and iPad holder for the ultimate, backyard lounging/tech experience.

3Doodler ($99)

For the creative dad, check out the 3Doodler, a 3D printing pen that lets you transform drawings into keychains, figurines, jewelry, or three-dimensional works of art. There’s even a community page where you can upload your creations or get ideas. If dad’s looking for a more complex project, he can take a look at the stencils to try out projects like lampshades, napkin holders, picture frames, and even the Eiffel Tower.

Skylock ($159)

The “bike lock of the future,” Skylock is an intelligent, solar-charging bike lock that alerts you when someone tries to steal your bike. Bluetooth connections lets you unlock your bike using the app, or you can take advantage of the auto-unlock system and Skylock will sense your approach and unlock automatically. Plus, it can notify friends, family, or the authorities if you get into an accident, providing an overall safer experience.

Nest Thermostat ($249)

Besides potentially saving dad 20% on his heating and cooling bills, Nest also learns your schedule and preferences to program itself for the perfect temperatures. You control the temperature for the first few days, then Nest learns what you like. Control the device from a mobile device or let Nest determine when you’re not home using Auto Away. You can also check the monthly Energy Report to see just how much you’re saving. 

Nod ($149)

Possibly the most supremely techie gift, Nod is a gesture control ring that lets you control devices using movements. Think universal remote but without the nuisance of actually pushing buttons. Nod lets you control all the smart devices in your life, like phones, tablets, thermostats, computers, TVs and more, in a way that looks like magic. 

USB Money Clip and Cufflinks ($80-$100)

For the dad who wants to feel like a spy, this USB money clip or the cufflinks (also a version with wifi) are a stylish and practical gift. Also, he will think he’s James Bond.

HTML Beer Glasses ($25)

Okay, this gift is tech-adjacent, but a majority of fathers in our office would probably think it’s pretty cool. For the beer loving, coder dad who has everything, these glasses are perfect. 

*Bonus Idea (Priceless)

When we asked for gift ideas, our founder, Kevin, said this: “Words of affirmation or homemade gifts. Time with family. Sometimes the best technology is the absence of it. It should be just as much from the perspective of not receiving technology, as much as the family unplugging for the day to celebrate time together." 

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