CQL Wins Gold for Best Branding Agency in Titan Brand Awards

CQL Wins Gold for Best Branding Agency in 2024 Titan Awards

CQL Revealed as a TITAN in the 2024 TITAN Brand Awards

The TITAN Innovation Awards and TITAN Brand Awards are pleased to announce that CQL successfully won the TITAN Gold award in the “Best Branding Agency – Best Digital Branding Agency” Category of its inaugural season in 2024, establishing a new benchmark in their respective industries.

This season, the competitions attracted hundreds of submissions from across the globe, including entries from the United States, United Kingdom, China, Canada, Germany, and many more, showcasing the highest levels of creativity and innovation. CQL demonstrated exceptional brilliance, securing them a spot as one of the greatest TITANs.

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“I am deeply inspired by the remarkable potential that resonates throughout the global community. The esteemed winners today have showcased extraordinary creativity, not to mention the outstanding dedication and craftsmanship required to establish strong leadership in this sector,” said Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA. “I would also like to express my sincerest thanks to our distinguished panel of judges, whose commitment to excellence has made this a possible feat, inspiring others to envision greater possibilities.”

Grand Jury Panel

The TITAN Awards are honored to work alongside a prestigious panel of jurors, comprised of leading professionals and distinguished figures from around the world. Possessing deep expertise in their various fields, these experts ensure the integrity of a blind judging process, guaranteeing that only the most deserving entries receive recognition for their achievements. This panel includes notable figures such as Lisa Popovici (United States), Tiago Russo (Portugal), Vasil Velchev (Bulgaria), Quresh Sutarwala (United States), Joon Kwon (South Korea), Scott Berry (United States), Pancho Gonzalez (Chile), Larry Lim (Singapore), Akiko Yamashita (United States), and many others.

“With TITAN’s primary focus on branding, design, and creative innovation, the award is aiming to lead the transformation of the branding and creative industries,” emphasized Thomas. “Our dedication to advancing excellence sets us apart. This resolute pursuit not only challenges existing standards but also equips us to lead and capitalize on the dynamic transformations sweeping through the industries.”

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