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4 of the Most Compelling Sessions at CodeMash 2019

CodeMash is an annual developer conference hosted at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio. CQL sends a group of developers every year, and since this was my first time attending, I couldn’t wait to share some highlights from the sessions that stood out to me.

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7 Digital Marketing Trends to Implement in 2018

These trends gained major traction in 2017 and we predict they will continue to explode this year. Our hope is that you will see great success by applying these trends to your digital marketing strategy.

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3 Web Development Trends to Watch in 2018: Insights from CodeMash

We spent two days attending CodeMash workshops and getting up to speed on the latest web development trends and tools.

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How Do You Make S.T.E.M. Fun for 5th and 6th Graders? Make it a ‘Bring your dog to Code’ Day.

CQL Developer leads kids coding workshop, with help from her dog.

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As the World Cries out ‘Retail Is Dead,' Amazon Says ‘Long Live Retail.’ A Unified Commerce Experience Is Their Not-so-hidden Secret.

So if it is true retail is dying, why did Amazon just lay down $13.7 Billion to buy Whole Foods Market and its 460 stores?

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Making the Most out of Your Summer Internship at a Digital Agency

How to navigate the transition from an Intern to an Employee.

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The Business Case for Coding With Webpack

Webpack can be used to integrate unit testing and code linting that help developers avoid pitfalls of coding for the web and write more maintainable code.

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Toddler Explains the Future of Web Applications

Separating the UI and BackEnd is not a new concept, native mobile applications (iOS & Android) have always done so. This allows us to deliver content fast.

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7 Points to Consider Before Choosing Your New eCommerce Platform

Launching a new website or re-platforming an existing site can be a challenging process. The right choice can help a business grow and streamline processes.

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How Implementing a CRM Changed Our Digital Agency

Implementation of a CRM can create efficiencies, transparency and enhance communication within an organization. It will allow you to drive a sales discussion.

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CodeMash 2016: Top Picks from Our Favorite Sessions

CQL recently attended CodeMash. As always, there were plenty of amazing sessions and it's hard to narrow it down, but here are a few of our top picks.

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How Technology Enables West Michigan’s Economic Development

We sat down with our own Megan Sall to get her unique perspective on the roll of technology in our region.

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Strange Loop 2015: What Happens When You Mix Kids, Technology, and Farming?

Jessica Ellis and Jesse Phelps' Strange Loop presentation provided great insights into how to make coding and the Internet of Things relevant and engaging for kids.

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7 Cool Father's Day Gifts for Techie Dads

As Father’s Day approaches, it might be easy to fall into the old habit of getting a good “standby” gift for Dad. If you’re out of ideas and are looking for something a little more hip for dear old dad, take a look at our tech-inspired gift guide.

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Is Wire Really a “Modern-Day Skype?”

The newest arrival to the messaging game is called Wire. It’s been lauded as a “modern-day Skype,” which you might think sounds a little silly at first. Isn’t Skype a modern-day Skype? ...And then you realize that Skype is over 10 years old.

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Slack: Team Communication for the 21st Century

Slack now offers businesses and everyday folk a one-stop shop for their group communication needs. If your organization is looking for ways to communicate more effectively, Slack is one option you may want to consider.

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9 SpecTECHular Mother’s Day Gifts

With Mother’s Day right around the corner (May 10th!), you might find yourself wondering what to get for your mom this year. Luckily for you, CQL has your back. Here are nine of our top picks for great tech gifts your mom is sure to love.

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The Pros and Cons of Using Magento as Your eCommerce Solution

Like any eCommerce solution, whether it’s custom or off-the-shelf, Magento has advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few you need to know before making a decision.

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Standardization or BYOD: What's Right for Your Business?

How do you manage BYOD policies in your business?

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Why I Ditched My Microsoft Surface for an Ultrabook

An updated review of the Microsoft Surface and its alternatives.

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The Secret to Speeding Up Your Website For Free

Learn how to use a CDN to supercharge your website speed for free.

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Meet UV Angel, The Device That Could Reduce Illness On Cruises

UV Angel, an automatic disinfectant device, could be used to reduce the spread of infectious diseases on cruise ships.

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My 3 Day Evaluation and Review of Microsoft Surface

A review of the Microsoft Surface.

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A Microsoft Snob reviews Microsoft Windows 8

Our resident Microsoft "snob" reviews Windows 8, and his conclusions were unexpected.

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XOOM through the Galaxy with your iPad

Which tablet should you invest in? This tech geek's guide to giving the best tablet this season.

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