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Top 4 Ecommerce Design Trends that Will Increase Online Sales

Design plays a powerful role in driving checkout conversions on ecommerce sites. By understanding and anticipating a users’ goals and pain points, you can create a human-centered design that moves the end user toward a desired action.

Using Speculative Design, Backcasting, and Storytelling to Influence the Adjacent Possible —MWUX Inspired Series 2017 Blog 2 of 5

Using speculative design, backcasting, and storytelling to create a thought framework to influence the adjacent possible and frame problems.

1 of 5: How to Not Suck at Collaboration—MWUX Inspired Series 2017

Design without collaboration limits potential. Getting the right bodies and mindsets in the room can open new possibilities through sharing perspective.

Experiences of a Tight-Knit Design Team—MWUX Inspired Series 2017

Introducing a CQL Design mini-series inspired by Midwest UX Cincinnati 2017 featuring content on designing for user experience, culture, and the future.

Making the Most out of Your Summer Internship at a Digital Agency

How to navigate the transition from an Intern to an Employee.

Four Winns' New Website and Configurator Helps Buyers Build Their Own Boat

Four Winns' New Website and Configurator Helps Buyers Build Their Own Boat -- making sure every boater and boating family can create the boat of their dreams with a “build-a-boat” configurator.

With online sales predicted to reach $523B by 2020, marketing teams are re-platforming their ecommerce stores

With 270 million consumers buying on-line and browsing-to-buy by 2020, the ability to scale has made re-platforming ecommerce important to marketers.

Scarab Jet Boats – Launching a New Website, and Some Unexpected Screams

Learn more about Scarab Jet boats and the new 255 Wake Edition boat. It handles hairpin turns and is fun in the sun for family and friends.

Legendary boat brand returns to the top.

Wellcraft Boats returns to the top of the offshore boating.

Codemash: A Designer's Perspective on CSS

This year at Codemash I attended Julie Cameron's talk, "Decoupling the Front-End Through Modular CSS." The talk was excellent and Julie shared a lot of insightful points, which I'd like to share with you.

Data and Design Help Homeschooling Marketing Leader Double Sales for Flagship Product

Business is more data-driven now than at any other time in history. While there’s a fundamental art in our marketing work, we now also have science to support and guide our ideas and actions.

Reflections of a UX Design Intern After Six Months at CQL

When I found the internship opportunity at CQL, I couldn't wait to get started, but even then I had no idea I'd learn so much.

How UI Design and UX Design Work Together to Make You Fall in (Website) Love

There’s a lot of information floating around on the web regarding UI and UX, and it can get a little overwhelming. Here’s a basic introduction to what each type of design is responsible for.

How to Choose a Font for Your Website

One of the first parts of the website visitors will see is the font you've chosen. This means the font is one of your first opportunities to make a good first impression.

The Top Growing Ecommerce Design Trends This Year

An ecommerce site that “works” offers the products consumers want and creates an engaging, user-friendly experience.

3 Ways Marketers Can Make Their Website More Engaging

Everyone wants an engaging website that provides users with an optimized experience. Complete these three tasks to take your site from good to outstanding.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Design for Your Website

Contemplating a website redesign? Responsive design isn't your only option.

Congratulations to Wolverine Worldwide on the New Sperry Topsider Site

Wolverine World Wide's Sperry Topsider eCommerce site has launched.

Why Responsive Web Design Could Be As Important As SEO

What's more important when it comes to your site, design or SEO?

CodeMash Blog 2 of 10

Responsive web design at Codemash.

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