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4 of the Most Compelling Sessions at CodeMash 2019

CodeMash is an annual developer conference hosted at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio. CQL sends a group of developers every year, and since this was my first time attending, I couldn’t wait to share some highlights from the sessions that stood out to me.

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'What we want is to talk with Siri, not talk at Siri.' (And how the next generation sees cross discipline collaboration is the key to make it happen.)

Yes, we need developers who can code. But we also need them to be fully fleshed thinkers who can design technology other humans want to use.

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How Do You Make S.T.E.M. Fun for 5th and 6th Graders? Make it a ‘Bring your dog to Code’ Day.

CQL Developer leads kids coding workshop, with help from her dog.

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Building Fast Web Apps Fast with Webpack

Writing websites in next-generation JavaScript with tools like Webpack is more efficient than writing them in current-generation JavaScript.  

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Reducing Copy/Paste in Postman

I’ll show you how to automate it by using the login process the interns have been using for the CQL website as an example, along with a few other cool things.

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The Business Case for Coding With Webpack

Webpack can be used to integrate unit testing and code linting that help developers avoid pitfalls of coding for the web and write more maintainable code.

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