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Chrome Announces Next Step in ‘Secure by Default’ Strategy

You may have heard that changes are coming to Chrome in January. This simple change is the next step in Google’s strategy of what is called “secure by default” browsing. When sites that are served over HTTP (vs HTTPS) and these sites expose a password field, it will be flagged as insecure to the user.

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The Business Case for Coding With Webpack

Challenges With Today’s Web Technology

Most major projects we work on involve taking complex data and business needs and simplifying them for users on the web. Our clients want full control and visualization of their data and content from anywhere in the world. This is no small feat since enterprise apps demand complex logic and high volumes, and web technology is based on a legacy of simple document sharing. Although server-side technology has been advancing steadily along with the rest of the software industry, web client (browser) technology has come along much slower and remains inconsistent between browsers. 

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