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How Implementing a CRM Changed Our Digital Agency

Like most organizations, growth is good but creates pain points that made us evaluate our day-to-day processes. We saw gaps in how we collaborated and our ability to provide good customer information to the entire company. It became obvious that 1) managing by spreadsheets was no longer going to work, 2) we needed to provide the organization timely pipeline information to forecast and 3) creating a sustainable process in our growing company was essential.

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Why Millennials Inspire Us to Be Better

Millennials now make up the largest segment in our workforce, and their attitude towards business is a little different than what we've seen in years past. But this is not one of those blogs that bash Millennials - quite the contrary. Millennials have an emphasis on people before profits. They seek out opportunities to grow and learn. They strive to maintain a pleasant work environment, and they enjoy being involved in the community and giving back. While these are all positive traits, it might be seen as challenging to integrate these dynamic individuals into a traditional workplace.

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Girls Dream Fair Brings 300 7th & 8th Grade Girls to the STEM Party


If you have been following our blog for any time, you know that CQL is entwined in the promotion of women in technology. This is because we love big ideas, diverse thinking, solving problems, using data to bridge gaps and... (wait for it) ...we think sitting around hoping something will change is not a strategy - getting involved and creating change is the right thing to do.

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