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3 of This Week's Quick and Inspiring Reads for Entrepreneurs

This week in business news, Air New Zealand sets the bar high for airline customer service (and what your business can learn from them), a CEO's Nigerian upbringing gives him a unique perspective on creativity, and women's entrepreneurship has increase 36% in the last eight years.

Take a look at these three articles on creativity, innovation, and determination to end your week on a high note. 

6 Ways to Deliver Delight and Devotion to Customers

This article draws lessons in innovative customer service from the author’s personal experience flying with Air New Zealand. Boarding a flight increasingly comes with a set of low expectations. Today, passengers assume they’ll pay outrageous prices, exorbitant fees on baggage and other basic amenities, and be stuffed into a tiny seat without much personal space or privacy.

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CQL Is Thrilled to Host Bitcamp, A Day of Code for Girls

SoftwareGR created BitCamp to serve as a hands-on introduction for 7th and 8th grade girls to the Software Development profession– presented in a fun and supportive small-group environment.

Each event is hosted by area software companies, giving the students a first-hand look at the industry’s day-to-day activities.

By becoming exposed to software development at a younger age and becoming interested in the possibility of a computer related field of employment, we hope to increase the number of women who earn degrees in Computer Science or a similar field in the next generation.

Led by local software professionals and university students, the event aims to dispel myths about software development and share the fun and challenges of the profession. 

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7 Essential Elements of Lead-Generating Landing Pages

Landing pages are a critical component of digital marketing. These are the pages where all your hard work increasing visitors starts to come together to generate leads. But, what are landing pages anyway?

Landing pages are web pages that allow you to capture a site visitor’s information to generate leads, using a conversion form. They are not simply any page a visitor “lands on” by searching through your site or clicking a link on an external source.

Landing pages are important because they give you a place to host your lead generating offers, capture lead information, and gain valuable data about your prospects and your marketing efforts.

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