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17 Revealing Stats About Women Working in Technology [Infographic]

Recently, we've been trying to lend our voice to the conversation that's been happening about the technology industry and the women working within it. Historically there has been a dearth of women working in technology.

We know that there aren’t enough women in this industry, and we’ve also discussed some of the reasons they choose other industries. 

As data-loving people, we’re big fans of facts and statistics. We’ve found plenty of stats about this issue in technology and have chosen some of the most poignant to show an overview of this diversity problem.

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3 Effective Strategies to Supercharge Your Mobile Campaign

At this point, mobile phones are starting to out number trees in their ubiquity. People love their phones, and smart marketers have to learn to love mobile too.

Marketing gospel has preached the value of knowing the customer since sales became a business. Today, knowledge about the customer is called data, and the best place to mine that data is from your customer's phones.

To help marketers boost their mobile campaign success, here are three tips that will generate leads, convert more sales, and help your business dominate.

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4 Reasons Women Choose to Pursue Computer Science

Recently, Google published a study that dove into what factors influence a woman’s decision to pursue Computer Science and how we can encourage more women to enter the field.

In 2012, women made up only 26% of Computer Science professionals and although recently more women are pursuing STEM degrees, the participation of women in Computer Science has fallen from 37% in the 1980s to 18% now.

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