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CQL and Byron Center Meats Talk HarvestBox on The Morning Show with Shelley Irwin

Recently, Bob Karel from CQL and Laura Sytsma of Byron Center Meats sat down for a radio interview with Shelley Irwin from WGVU to discuss the partnership between the two companies that resulted in HarvestBox. 

Byron Center Meats has been family owned and operated by Laura's husband's family for the last 70 years. Their longstanding philosophy has been to “make it better.” Steve, Laura's husband, wanted to bring people a better way to eat. 

Whatever they’re doing, how can they find a way to make it better? Whether that’s meat processing or, now, bringing the best possible meat to consumers nationwide. HarvestBox was one more way to make it better by improving the current meat distribution method and the food on your family’s table.

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5 Business Benefits of Using Social Media

It’s easy to feel like you have to use social media just because everyone else is. The cool kids are doing it, so there must be a purpose. You should be doing it too. Right?

Well, it’s true that you don’t want to get left in the dust, but if you’re devoting your valuable time to something, you want it to provide value.

Don’t worry. All that time and effort is valuable if you’re doing social media the right way. Here are five real, business benefits of using social media to reaffirm your faith.

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Can Amazon's Newest Competitor, Jet, Ever Take Off?

The newest Amazon competitor, Jet, officially launched to the public on Tuesday with a $600 million valuation.

The online shopping company released a beta site for select customers in the spring but is now available to everyone. To promote their launch, Jet is offering a free, three-month trial, "no strings attached."

Jet offers club pricing on over 4.5 million products. For an annual $50 fee, Jet promises to deliver prices lower than its competitors and even lists Amazon’s prices beside its own for comparison.

Additionally, Jet uses “smart” pricing to reduce costs. That is, if you add an item to your cart that’s similar to one you’ve already selected, you’ll receive extra savings. For example, if you have one kitchen appliance in your cart and you add another, different appliance you’ll see smart savings applied.

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