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Standardization or BYOD: What's Right for Your Business?

During a meeting a few weeks ago, two of our teammates, Jack and Kevin, discussed standardization of technology in business.

Sure, it’s great to be able to bring your own device and use your iPhone or Android or whatever you like. It’s also convenient for the employee if they’re able to choose between using a Mac or a PC.

But what happens when there are so many options, users don’t know what to choose? And how does IT manage different operating systems, software, apps, etc.?

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Entrepreneur Ted Cole Shares Advice for Future Startups

We asked creator and founder of UV Angel, Ted Cole, to share some of the challenges he has faced creating a startup, as well as a few lessons he's learned along the way. Here's Ted's wisdom on turning your idea into a successful startup. 

Getting a new startup from an original idea to a viable entity definitely comes with lots of challenges.

First among those is getting your idea refined and into a form (proof of concept or prototype) that's good enough to clearly communicate to others. I remember the first few times I tried to present my ideas, relying on simple sketches and written or verbal explanations. People were polite and said they understood what I was explaining to them, but I truly do not think others really "get" your concept unless you put it into some type of prototype form, whether physical or electronic. 

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Jack Bauer Can Save The World, But Even He Can't Save Your Brand

If you read this blog religiously like I do, you probably know that there are some amazing business benefits to social media. Twitter in particular can be used to engage and communicate with customers, provide real-time customer service, and share your brand voice. Social media can be invaluable in expanding your reach, sharing information, and creating a sense of community.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility, and consumers judge brands harshly for a Twitter faux pas

People responsible for their company's social media accounts can learn a lot from the mistakes and triumphs of other brands. We can learn which strategies work and can be emulated, and which should be used with caution.

Anyone who's active on Twitter has probably had varied experiences with brands. Sometimes, they're quick to respond and treat you like an individual person. For example, when I complained that Amazon’s email marketing tactics were aggravating, they politely responded with a suggestion and apology. Although I’m still peeved, their customer service was fast and the response included the individual respondents initials indicating that there was a real person communicating directly with me.

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