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Everything You Should Know About Near Field Communication

The concept of near field communication has been around for a few years now, but has only recently begun to make mainstream headlines. You may have heard of it this September, when Apple introduced Apple Pay, the largest functionality so far utilizing NFC.

What is Near Field Communication?

NFC is a type of short-range wireless connection that allows your device to exchange data with another device. Think of it as a type of Bluetooth, except it has much shorter range (the maximum is about 4 centimeters, a little over 1 1/2 inches) and uses much less energy. Another difference is the ease of use. While Bluetooth users have to find each other manually, and interference especially in crowded places is common, NFC sets itself up automatically once within range of another compatible device.

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How Custom Software Can Set Your Ecommerce Business Up For Success

In 2013, ecommerce grew by a record 13% to $262 billion, with expected continued annual growth of 10% through 2017. 

Equally important, ecommerce is picking up a larger share of total retail sales each year. In 2012, ecommerce accounted for 5.3% of total retail, but that figure will increase to 10.3% by 2017.

Growth in online sales will come from a combination of factors, notably seasoned sellers expanding to mobile markets and newcomers building their first ecommerce sites to take advantage of this growing market. 

Not all ecommerce ventures succeed. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration, about 70% fail within ten years of their start.  Some fail due to insufficient financing, but most hit the skids because they go to market with sites that simply don’t work. 

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15 Astonishing Stats about Email Marketing to Make You Hit Send

Earlier this week we shared a blog that examined reasons why businesses should use email marketing to reach customers. These reasons included ROI and personalization, among others.

While social media and mobile apps are possibly the most talked about ways to reach your audience, email has proven to be one of the most effective.

As data-driven people, we thought we’d share a few stats to give you a picture of the state of email marketing and it’s efficacy.

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