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Testing SOAP and REST Services

Have you considered techniques for testing SOAP and REST services? I've had some experience with SoapUI, a popular debugging application, in the past but am still amazed at how powerful it is.

SoapUI is a free, open-source Functional Testing solution, the self-proclaimed “Swiss-Army knife of testing.” Basically it’s the Fiddler-equivalent for web services, similar to the WCF Test Client that ships with Visual Studio, but with a much richer set of features.

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What the Heck is the Cloud Anyway?

Why Understanding the Cloud Matters

You may have seen headlines in the past few months announcing that 51% of Americans believe stormy weather will interfere with “the Cloud.” A study of more than 1,000 Americans conducted in 2012 by Wakefield research, and commissioned by Citrix, showed that for the most part people are still very confused by the Cloud, even though they’re using it.

According to the study, “Nearly 33% see the Cloud as a thing of the future, yet 97 percent are actually using Cloud services today via online shopping, banking, social networking and file sharing."

22% of respondents admitted to pretending to know what the Cloud is when asked. Only 16% said they think of a “computer network to store, access and share data from internet-connected devices.”

So, since most of us using it, we should probably understand what it is.

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Why I Ditched My Microsoft Surface for an Ultrabook

Eighteen months later and guess what? I no longer have my 1st generation Surface. The more I used it, the more it became like a low-end laptop to me. It’s much easier to travel with my Xyboard for general email and reading.  I tend to be a weight and bulk snob, so the Surface just wasn’t right for me. 

What’s new? NOTHING! I honestly can’t believe we haven’t seen some really cool innovations in this area. My guess is that we’re seeing a transition. Tablets are being overruled by phones, which can be sold in larger quantities over a year and replaced quickly.

Plus, with increased density of chips and better battery life, Ultrabooks are becoming sleeker, sustainable, and well, just cool! Throw on that the ability to touch the screens now. Yup, this ol’ IT geek, who would have bitten your greasy finger off for touching my screen, is excited I can finally swipe, tap and twist it!

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