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An Introduction to PPC Marketing: Answers to Your Top Questions

You’ve probably noticed that sometimes, when searching online, some of your search results look different from the rest. With Google, these results may appear at the top or right side of your results page with a little yellow box that says “Ad” next to them. These are (as you’ve undoubtedly surmised on your own) advertisements for specific businesses. But how do they get there?

The answer is PPC (or, “Pay Per Click”) marketing. PPC marketing is a useful tool that can benefit businesses and lead to greater online traffic and sales. If you’re considering PPC marketing, you probably have some questions. Here are the answers to the questions you'll have when starting to consider PPC:

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8 Steps to Successfully Implement Hubspot’s CRM

We started using Hubspot’s robust automated marketing platform at CQL over a year ago. It's allowed our team members to access analytics, customize pages, create and monitor calls-to-action, and much more. 

We’ve found Hubspot to be a strong tool, so when they announced a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) we were immediately interested. This announcement pushed us to look seriously at implementing a CRM into our business and overhaul some of our systems.

Implementing the CRM is a process in itself. Between researching different CRMs to training our team and holding each other accountable, the process takes time and patience. More importantly, making this change successful will take teamwork and cooperation. Everyone involved will need to get on board and participate at some point in the process.

After going through this process ourselves, here are the steps we’d recommend other businesses take to set up their Hubspot CRM.

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Is Wire Really a “Modern-Day Skype?”

Since its launch in 2003, Skype has become one of the biggest players in messaging apps (along with Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts). However, plenty of new apps have arrived on the scene since then, like ooVoo, WhatsApp, Qik, Slack, Tango, Viber, kik...after awhile the list starts sounding like the roll call for the new Star Wars film.

The newest arrival to the messaging game is called Wire, and it’s actually backed by Janus Friis, one of Skype’s co-founders. Wire has been lauded as a “modern-day Skype,” which you might think sounds a little silly at first. Isn’t Skype a modern-day Skype? ...And then you realize that Skype is over 10 years old.

So could it be time to make the jump to Wire, or should you stick with Ol’ Reliable? Here are some things to keep in mind:

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