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CQL Spotlight: Top 4 Things You Didn't Know About Aubrey Baker

Aubrey Baker is exactly the kind of thoughtful, well-rounded, and passionate individual you want in your life, whether as a coworker, friend, or both.

Since moving back to Michigan and joining our team over nine months ago as a Demandware developer, Aubrey has made contributions to our company and our community that go far beyond her job description. 

With degrees from Michigan Tech and Virginia Tech, Aubrey's background is in Software Development and Human Factors Engineering. These facts alone start to give you an idea of who Aubrey is, but this picture is incomplete. 

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CQL and BitCamp Help Change How Girls View Software Programming

This past Saturday, CQL had the opportunity to host BitCamp, a day-long coding camp for middle school girls.

A total of 14 volunteers, including speakers and instructors, showed up to help the 19 seventh and eighth grade girls learn about website development. 

CQL welcomed the students and their parents with an overview of what we do here at CQL, an explanation of potential career options in engineering and computing, and why software development is a great career choice for women.

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Volkswagen Loses One-Third of Its Market Share, Learns the Real Value of Integrity

What's your company's biggest asset? Your first instinct might be to think it's your product or your innovative team.

If you're Volkswagen, you've just learned the hard way that the most important part of your company is brand integrity and the trust of your consumers. 

CEO of VW Martin Winterkorn resigned this week as news became public that the company had been using software to cheat American emissions tests for their diesel vehicles. America‚Äôs standards for nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions are higher than in Europe. Rather than dedicate some of its nearly $14.6 billion in R&D (the highest in the world) to engineering a way to meet these standards, VW decided to cheat instead.

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