Why Workarea Open Source is Your Source for Exceptional Commerce

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The Workarea Commerce Cloud is built on innovation and designed to help its customers grow. This robust commerce platform provides users with a complete set of expanded features and functionalities unavailable in previous versions. With that spirit of innovation, Workarea has released the core of its commerce platform, called Workarea Commerce Platform, as open-source software for all to experience.

Having partnered with Workarea over the past 3 years, CQL has experienced the power of the Workarea Commerce Cloud and we are excited that its core, Workarea Commerce Platform, is more accessible to everyone. Now that the Workarea Commerce Platform is open source, who should use it? I’ll be walking you through the various users that could benefit from using the open-source platform. 

Mid-Market & Enterprise Merchant Users

The Workarea Commerce Platform is a merchant-dedicated commerce platform. Many mid-market and enterprise merchants are looking for an ownership-based relationship with their tech stack. By releasing the core of its platform, Workarea now offers unprecedented transparency to merchants and their developers. This gives them the ability to leverage the technology and gain a competitive advantage by letting them accelerate their roadmaps and growth.

Users Looking to Replatform 

If you are currently utilizing a different enterprise commerce platform and are looking to see how other platforms differentiate commerce, content management, search, and merchant insights, then look no further than the Workarea Commerce Platform. Workarea believes that releasing the core of the platform will allow merchants to investigate and experiment with the platform before they go through the sales process. Merchants can become familiar with the base functionality before investing in the additional enterprise modules available with Workarea Commerce Cloud. It can be a risk-averse approach to shopping for new platforms. 

Unsure Users Looking for the Best Platform

There are many commerce platforms available on the market. Wading through all the different technical specifications and feature sets can be daunting. We hear from many merchants that they can demo platforms, but they are more interested in investigating the platform on their own.  As a merchant, there is great value in tinkering and playing within technology to learn the nuances. What you will find with the Workarea Commerce Platform is that you can look under the hood, play with the functionality, and experience a platform that has been developed with merchants in mind.

A Snapshot of Workarea’s Feature Sets on the Commerce Platform and Cloud

Check out the complete list of functionality offering for Workarea Commerce Platform and Workarea Commerce Cloud:

We are excited to see where Workarea Commerce Platform goes from here. I hope that the community of technologists will enjoy and continually improve the platform built on Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, and Elasticsearch. Workarea can now reach new audiences and strengthen its group of advocates. 

As long-time partners with Workarea, CQL has worked on the Workarea Commerce Cloud with various clients, such as BuySeasons, Just Candy and Jeffers Pet. 

To learn more, visit Workarea.com. To view the Workarea Commerce Platform, visit Github.

CQL has years of experience helping customers find, integrate, and implement the right commerce and/or enterprise platform for their business. Give us a call today if you’d like to learn a little more about what we can do to elevate your brand on commerce platforms like Workarea. 

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