A Partnership with Salesforce Commerce Cloud that Values Customer Service and 360-Degree Assistance

Salesforce partnership with CQL

With years of experience in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform, CQL takes great pride in the level of support we provide our clients. As part of this support, we encourage our clients to leverage the Cloud with Salesforce’s Service Cloud integration to automate service requests, such as contact us, product repairs, and product returns. This ensures elevated, fast, and dedicated customer service from the customer service representatives at Salesforce. 

As a Senior Commerce Cloud Developer, I see many benefits for our clients utilizing this service. I’ll break down the benefits of utilizing the Service Cloud features, and how any business can benefit from this platform component.

Customer Service Representatives Receive a Full 360-degree View.

Service Cloud provides a centralized location for customer data, which is essential in order for customer service representatives to have a full 360-degree view of their customers. Service Cloud is just one of the Salesforce technologies designed to assist brands in building a 360-degree customer view, and it’s a critical tool for customer service representatives. 

Since many customer/brand interactions are conducted through various Salesforce systems, customer service representatives are able to reference information about the customer as they interact with them in real-time through Salesforce Live Agent chat. Representatives can reference data on customer orders, previous support cases, and more. 

Customer Service Representatives Chat Directly with Customers

Customer Service representatives are able to reference the 360-degree view of the customer while they interact with them in real-time through Salesforce Live Agent chat. This creates a personalized chat experience for the customer and minimizes the amount of data they have to share with customer service, as much of the information is readily accessible to the chat agent through the Service Cloud interface.

Automatic Case Creation for Contact Us Inquiries and Product Return Requests

Service Cloud can link into existing forms on a brand’s storefront, such as Contact Us or Product Returns. When a customer accesses the website, completes the form, and hits submit, their data is sent directly to Service Cloud and linked with their existing customer profile (provided that one already exists). These cases are then accessible by the customer service representatives and can be used as part of building the 360-degree view of the customer.

Cases are Automatically Assigned to the Best Suited Customer Service Representatives

Workflows inside Service Cloud can be configured to automatically detect the service case types and assign them to the correct queue in order to ensure that the right inquiries are being matched to the most appropriate customer service representatives in the most efficient way possible.

Improved Customer Satisfaction by 45%

According to Salesforce, there is a drastic increase in customer satisfaction when the agents assisting them to have insight into their customer history with the brand. Customers no longer need to repeat the information they have previously provided to the brand. Information across multiple channels, the website form submissions, contact via phone, and chatting through Live Agent, is all collected and readily available inside of Service Cloud. By using all of the available data to create an informed interaction with the customer, brands are able to build upon their customer relationships with every interaction.

Allow Customer Service Representatives to Work Smarter

As representatives are working through customer cases, they will have access to a database of useful knowledge articles and recommended next actions will guide the customer support team through the best path to issue resolution. Customer 360, knowledgebase articles, and a clear next step will all allow the representative to focus more on building great customer experiences and resolving cases in a timely manner.

A First-hand Experience with the Service Cloud

Moving defective product return requests over to Salesforce Service Cloud has resulted in a 13-hour per day efficiency gain for the call center of one of our clients. They were receiving approximately 800 new defective product emails every day. Before automating the process with Service Cloud, each email request required a new customer account to be created which took about a minute apiece. This step in the process has since been eliminated, thus allowing representatives more time to focus on helping customers. This is just one of the many reasons to love Service Cloud.

Serving Our Premier Brands on the Service Cloud

As a long-time partner with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, we at CQL know the importance of exceptional customer service and ongoing support. The Service Cloud has enabled us to better serve our premier brands through real-time problem solving, efficient service strategies, and automatic case creation. Ultimately, the Service Cloud has brought increased customer satisfaction to all of our supporting brands, which is why we highly recommend this solution to all of our Salesforce Commerce Cloud clients.

If you would like to know more about Salesforce Commerce Cloud and/or Service Cloud, contact CQL today for information on how the Commerce Cloud enables brands to elevate their business and support needs.