Thanksgiving Reflections: What We’re Thankful For in 2018

CQL is thankful 2018

Earlier this month, we hosted our first annual CQL Family Thanksgiving. We enjoyed turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing – all the good stuff – but more than that, we enjoyed connecting with each other over a good meal. No, we didn’t make everyone go around the table and say what they were thankful for, but we did take some time to reflect and wanted to share our gratitude with you in our annual Thanksgiving blog. Enjoy!

Rob H.

I am thankful for answered prayers as well as unanswered prayers and for three boys and a wife who help me not take myself too seriously.

Tyler L.

I’m thankful for:

  • A family that cares for each other and stays in touch even as we slowly spread out across the Midwest
  • Housemates that I enjoy spending time with
  • Music, both as a hobby and as an art form
  • Coffee, both as a drink and as a dependency
  • Whoever first decided to domesticate dogs because however many centuries later, I get to pet my coworkers’ dogs while contemplating why someone would ever decide to write a website in ColdFusion

Kira M.

I appreciate the gift of my husband and son. They bring me joy and new experiences every day. I am also extremely grateful to have found a new home at CQL. I value the opportunity to work with great people and look forward to our future endeavors.

Kevin A.

I am grateful to the grace, love, trust God has shown me through the people and blessings of this company, both past, and present and that I can continue to follow His will for the company. I am thankful that I have a great family and supportive friends that are loving, encouraging and always there. Thankful for the families that are starting here and growing with us through the years, the little ones dressed in costumes or coming to meet their parent for lunch. The little smiles and laughter that they produce. Thankful for the bountiful dogs and cats that get to grace our presence as they excitedly run up and down our office. Lastly, I am thankful for the many wonderful clients that have believed and entrusted us with their various projects throughout the years.

Andrej C.

I’m thankful to be part of the great team at CQL – for the camaraderie, the genius and the culture of growth and learning.

Tom A.

This year I’m thankful for my two sons (age 5 & 7) that are growing into two very nice boys. A wife (Jill) that continuously supports and encourages me professionally and personally. Fore golf trips with the fellas (pun intended), laughing at my own Dad jokes, slurpees and beef sticks on long car rides and Costa sunglasses in the sunshine.

Larissa F.

  • Goats in sweaters
  • Coffee with just the right amount of creamer
  • Excessively fuzzy cats
  • Oddly lanky dogs
  • Living in my new house
  • A job that keeps me on my toes
  • A well-balanced IDE theme
  • Potato soup
  • French fries
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Basically just potatoes
  • Lunches with coworkers
  • Spreadsheets with pretty colors
  • Spiced black teas
  • Awesome clients with interesting projects
  • Bunnies in my yard (until I plant in the spring)
  • And spending every Thanksgiving with my amazing, ever-expanding family

Brandon K.

I am thankful for the little acts of kindness that happen every day in our office. Whether it be the weekly updates from our president Mark, everyone being open to collaboration, or the events like Thanksgiving and field day which CQL put on for us. Personally, makes me want to share my victories and struggles and celebrate the success of others whether or not it was office related.

I am deeply grateful for the support from my CQL family through my struggles mourning the loss of my brother. I grin big at the pats on the back in celebration of my font, Clarika, that has become way more successful than I could have imagined. My heart was warmed every time someone would ask how my new house is going.

Oh… And I guess our new Ann Arbor family is alright too.

Aubrey Q.

I am thankful for the literary discussions that I’ve had with my coworkers as we’ve enjoyed reading several books together this year, including all books by Fredrik Backman and the Harry Potter series, in addition to some more serious reads geared around personal and professional development. I especially appreciate the well-timed Harry Potter references made by certain developers and a project manager.

I am thankful for the friends that I can call on when I need a hand, as life in the country sometimes comes with odd or unexpected challenges. Most recently that has “peacock wrangling”. Together a friend and I have perfected the art of catching semi-feral peacocks over a period of several nights and can now catch a peacock in the dark in under 3 minutes. We’re fairly certain that has to be a world record.

I’m thankful for another year at CQL. This one has been packed full of fun adventures, including a high energy track & field day, a pleasant Fall outing at Robinette’s orchard, the educational and enjoyable Salesforce Connections conference, and the always fun and inspirational Code Mash.

Chris S.

Another revolution around the sun, another revolution of my record! ‘I’m thankful for my healthy and happy family and having a job doing something I enjoy with great people.’

Jen S.

I’m thankful for my family (at home and CQL), good health, Costco (I love it as much as Mark does) and the heater under my desk.

Julie O.

I’m thankful that rosé was popular this year, so I can keep all the cherry wine to myself, nutritional yeast for making all of the non-cheese things cheesy, and that I found a new community this year in a yoga studio (shout out to Kula GR).

As always, I’m thankful that I work at a company where I’m constantly challenged and learning, and of course for my bearded husband who always helps me be the best version of myself.

Dave M.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to once again work with some great colleagues that I know and respect, and for the chance to get to know and work with a new group of wonderful colleagues, clients and partners.

I’m also thankful for all the terrific people that I have in my life: my friends, my family and especially my wonderful girlfriend.

Mark L.

I am thankful for a great daughter and son who are thoughtful, considerate, and who have reached a point in their lives where I simply enjoy coming alongside them as they solve life challenges. I am thankful for the empty nest stage of my life and being reminded, every day, why I fell in love with my wife in the first place. I am thankful for the awesome team of people I get to work with every day, and for the opportunities we have ahead of us. I’m thankful for each day that my mother (age 91) is still as close as a FaceTime or phone call away. I’m also thankful for those moments when God gives me opportunities to be obedient.

Sue H.

I’m thankful for a family that keeps me grounded every day, colleagues who are passionate about making a difference and doing great work, and coffee. I am thankful for what each day has to bring, especially moments of fun and laughter.

Jesseca K.

I’m thankful for my husband and the exciting adventures we enjoy together. Most recently, our wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii.

Micaela K.

I am thankful for a husband who centers me, encourages me, and adventures with me. I’m thankful for our dog, Kona, a beautiful German Shepherd pup who reminds us not take ourselves so seriously. I’m blessed to have a loving family who keeps life so interesting. And I’m thankful for my awesome coworkers/friends who challenge me to be my best self.

Ellysa S.

I am thankful for the freedom and responsibility gained from moving out on my own, my incredibly supportive parents and brother, friends who always seem to be there when I need them the most, and animals who love unconditionally. I am also thankful for strong women, compassionate individuals, the exploration of new perspectives, and the amplification of diverse voices.

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