For Your Inspiration: 5 Major Brands Crushing It On Facebook

Major Brands Crushing It On Facebook

After ten years watching Facebook grow and evolve, most brands know that creating and maintaining a Facebook Business Page is an important part of staying relevant in today’s social media-focused world.

For many brands, particularly small businesses and startups, deciding what to share on Facebook and how to engage followers can be daunting. Or maybe you’ve hit a creative block and are struggling to find relevant content you feel is worth posting. In either case, sometimes all you need is a little inspiration.

Here are a few big brands you can learn from who are dominating Facebook with their customer service, creativity, timeliness, and more. 


Coca-Cola frequently makes ‘best of’ social media lists, and it’s easy to see why. The brand consistently shares creative images and videos which are often relevant to news or pop culture. Sometimes they also share recipes, like the many different Coke Float possibilities, so customers can get the most out of their Coke. 

Perhaps most creatively, Coca-Cola has found a way to insert itself into every holiday and event, from the popular to obscure, including National Video Games Day, National Cheeseburger Day, the Super Blood Moon, and more.

Go Pro

Go Pro’s strategy is simple and obvious, but that makes it all the easier to replicate. By sharing its own photos and videos taken with the product as well as fan-created ones, Go Pro is able to very easily demonstrate their camera’s capabilities. If you have a product that’s easy to show off visually, use that to your advantage! Have a loyal fan base? Share user-generated content. Your fans will appreciate the shout out.

Red Bull

For just a second, you might think you’ve actually landed on Go Pro’s page by accident. Both pages have their share of epic videos and photos featuring thrill-seekers, incredible stunts, and tons of action. The difference is that while Go Pro’s products naturally lend themselves to capturing these moments, Red Bull had to intentionally develop this adventurous, boundary-pushing image. The brand created an identity for itself and has grown into it unapologetically. Take a look at their Facebook page to get inspiration on unlocking your brand’s full potential on social media.


What makes Allstate one of the most creative brands on Facebook isn’t what’s on its actual Business Page, but another page altogether. Allstate created a Public Figure page for its mascot (of sorts) Mayhem. This page takes the often hilarious character from many of Allstate’s commercials and mythologizes him.

The page features videos and gifs which are on-brand and engage Facebook users who may not have otherwise connected with the company on social media at all. Best of all, the page features a timeline dating back to 1000 AD filled with world events where Mayhem was involved, like the extinction of the dodo bird and the construction of the Tower of Pisa.

This page makes great use of Facebook’s features in order to develop the company’s brand identity, use humor, and engage customers. Are there Facebook features you could be using to make the most out of your company page?


Unsurprisingly, Facebook is pretty good at Facebooking. They know what their customers are looking for and make sure to provide it. For example, they’ve recently posted a series of videos on their timeline with ‘helpful tips.’ They also include info on product updates, company news and announcements, and humanitarian efforts (particularly ways users can get involved).

Follow Facebook’s example and find ways to make the social media platform work for your users. What questions do they have? Can you find ways to answer them preemptively through an image or video? What information do they most want to hear? How can you provide it through Facebook?

One interesting note is that currently their cover photo is a group of people sitting around a table, no technology in sight. Without even displaying a product of any kind, Facebook is sending the message that the company is all about people, making connections, and bringing everyone closer together. It’s a helpful reminder that your cover photo can do a lot of work for you. 

What are some of your favorite brands on Facebook? What have you learned from them?