Family, Friends and Cheesecake: A Few of the Things We’re Thankful For

What We're Thankful For at CQL

This year has been a big one at CQL; we’ve experienced a lot of changes in and outside of the office. Our team has grown and so have some of our families.

Some of us have moved back home and some have moved away. Some of us are thankful for a new position at CQL, and others are thankful for the opportunity to continue working at a place we already love.

With Thanksgiving this week, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge what our team is most thankful for this year. Many of us are thankful for healthy, happy families, some are thankful for sweatpants and cheesecake, but we’re all thankful for something.

Megan: Being new here, I’m thankful for the opportunity to work on really interesting, exciting projects with a great group of coworkers. It’s fun to be learning so many new things amidst so many smart people!

Chris S: I’m thankful for my healthy and happy family and having a job doing something I enjoy with great people.

Adam: I am thankful that San Chez serves sangria in a pitcher, how Martha’s Vineyard drizzles just the right amount of chocolate on their turtle cheesecake, how HopCat serves bar cheese with their crack fries, and how people mistake my wife for Selena Gomez.

Aubrey: Having fun, talented, and interesting coworkers and working for a company that encourages me to learn new skills; getting to write code that is used by people around the globe; visits from dogs (and cats) in the office; and happy hours with my coworkers. On a personal note, I’m thankful to be living back in Michigan with my family, being semi self-sufficient with the food we eat via gardening (and preserving), hunting, fishing, and raising ducks and chickens, and spending quality time with my grandparents.

Dan: I’m thankful for my job, my house, and my car.

Ryan S: I could give the normal response, ‘I am thankful for friends and family. I am thankful for work, and a career I can do something in. I am thankful for God and his blessings.’ I’d like to come up with something different, but alas this trope seems to be pretty much dead on. Let me say this—I am thankful for the opportunity to answer this question, just like everyone else does. Happy Thanksgiving.

Emily: I am most thankful for my niece!

Lauren: I’m thankful that I’ve been able to live in Germany this year, for the opportunities I’ve had to travel, and that I could come home to spend Thanksgiving with my friends and family.

Brandon: I am thankful to work for a company where I can feel at home, be myself, and know the sky is the limit. The culture is amazing and that makes a huge difference especially when projects get tough and timelines get tight. The collaboration that happens within the walls of CQL (and at the occasional after work outing) makes it hard not to be thankful.

Kurt: I am thankful to work at a place where I get to work on world-changing ideas with some of the smartest people I have ever met.  

Kevin: I am thankful to God for the wonderful people he has put in my life to mentor, support, show grace, and work beside me, as well as the blessings of great customers. I’m also thankful for a job that allows me to spend time with my family as they grow.

Rob: I am thankful for freedom, family, babysitters, nature, an amazing wife, and sweatpants.

Stephanie: I’m thankful for my family, my job at CQL, and to live in the greatest country in the world where we are free to speak and worship.

Jen: I’m thankful for my friends and family, and that everyone is happy and healthy.

James: This has been a year full of changes for our family. My wife underwent major back surgery, my son is currently recovering from a football injury (tore the PCL in his knee), and I made a big career change – hello CQL!) The support we’ve received from family and friends over this last year has been truly humbling. 

We’ve surely been anxious, uncertain, and impatient throughout these challenges, however we’re thankful for the many reminders of God’s grace, support, and vision for our family. We have our health, our family, and our friends. #godisgood

Robby: I’m thankful for my family (which is now growing!), for health, and for my new job at CQL.

Mark: I am thankful for being married to my best friend, for having two children that enjoy spending time with the family, for going to work each day with people I like, and for feeling God’s love at all times.

Mike: I’m thankful for a healthy, loving family with children growing in their faith in Christ. I’m thankful for the challenges of each day and the ability to meet them with the coworkers that collaborate with me.

John: I am thankful for the opportunity to work with and for amazing people; for being challenged every day to learn, listen, and grow; thankful for diversity in thought, ideas, goals and perspectives; for being a very small part of something much, much larger.

Ryan P: I am thankful for my incredible wife, for all the love and support she has given me, and the mom she has become to our beautiful four-month-old daughter.

We hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of what we at CQL are most thankful for. What are you thankful for this year? Let us know in the comments below.

We wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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