At CQL, This is What We Are Thankful For

Thanksgiving 2016

We have to admit, this is always one of our favorite posts each year. An annual tradition where we ask each other ‘What are you thankful for?’

Often it reminds us that there are other things going on in our lives than emails, wireframes, lines of code and meetings. So for our CQL family and friends, the 2016 Thanksgiving ‘What are you thankful for?’

Aubrey Q.

I am thankful to be hosting Thanksgiving at my new house with my new husband this year! I am also thankful for another great year of being involved in community programs like BitCamp, Girls Who Code and FIRST Robotics, and working with the local school districts to help improve computing and technology education. I am so fortunate to work at a company that has always been there to support me and these great programs.

Tyler L.

I’m thankful to have friends and family who support me during rough times, a great company that makes me enjoy coming into work, and the fact that I’m actually going to be done with school after this year!

Julie C.

I’m thankful for every furry friend who has ever stepped paw into the office, for working at such a forward-thinking company where I learn something new every day, and that I’m finally planning the wedding that I’ve been building on Pinterest for five years.

Kurt N.

I am thankful that when I fall flat on my face, my loved ones pick me up, dust me off and say ‘you got this’.

I am thankful to work with people who want to change the world and have the know-how to make it happen.

I am thankful for the daily gift of new material and a daughter who thinks some of my jokes are funny.

I am thankful for brothers who, as different as life could shape, are as similar as three hearts could be.

And this year specifically, I am thankful for my Dad who has taught me that 92 years is still young enough to want to get up every morning to live life and help others.

Ryan D.

I am thankful for having good, caring people around me each day, my new home, and being able to drive with the top down clear into November!

Mike E.

I’m thankful for blessings of everyday life and a loving healthy family. I’m thankful for great, capable teammates here at CQL and the excitement each new opportunity brings.

Emily B.

I’m thankful for the long fall we just had. I’ve been able to run outdoors and enjoy great weather, smell the leaves and watch the squirrels prepare for winter.

Last year I bought a home and each time I walk through the door, it makes me happy. The process of making it my own has been fun. I dream of what it will become 5, 10 years from now. It’s exciting.

I’m thankful for my sense of adventure. I’m always ready to pack a bag and go somewhere new. I love learning about new cultures, food, and traditions. It’s what keeps life interesting.

Jen S.

I’m thankful for my family, all the Fridays in the summer that I have off, all of our office dogs, and to finally be done with election season.

Ryan S.

I am thankful that those clothes I bought from Steve & Barry’s can still be worn; those DVD’s I rented from Blockbuster video will never have to be returned; my unopened bottles of Heinz EZ Squirt Colored Ketchup are worth a small fortune, and that the Star Wars Holiday Special is still considered Canon after Disney acquired the franchise.

Lance S.

I am thankful for my health and the opportunity to work on an awesome team here at CQL. Oh and bacon, I’m always thankful for bacon.

Kevin A.

I am grateful and humbled that God has blessed the provisioning of CQL for building families, providing security, and spreading good to the greater community and to our customers for over 21 years. 

 I am grateful that we are allowed to be in a country protected by so many brave people that allow us to dream, create, vote and live as freely as humanly possible.  And I am grateful that I am reminded to love others as I love myself and to put those thoughts into action.

Rob H.

I am thankful for the freedoms we take for granted everyday, for skilled surgeons, for a wife who is good with boys and for salty chips.

Laura S.

I am thankful to work with such a wonderful team doing something I love. I am thankful that our wonderful team frequently brings in mass quantities of baked goods. I am thankful for my beautiful family and the chaos, joy and love they bring to my life.

Mark L.

  • The extra leg room you get in the emergency row on a flight.
  • A great night sleep.
  • An unexpected text from an old friend.
  • Inside jokes.
  • Telling a funny story without having to end it with, ‘I guess you had to be there’.
  • When the mechanic tells you it is a simple fix that won’t cost much.
  • Maryland crabs, Southwest Airlines, Chick-Fil-A and Costco.
  • My family at home – my wife, daughter and son (and also Tiger, Oswald and Buddy)
  • My family at CQL – truly a collection of great people
  • Being obedient to God given promptings.

Bob K.

I’m thankful for being able to help see the bigger idea or opportunity with so many companies.  I’m thankful for a CQL where success and failure are equally embraced for how they allow us to grow.  I’m thankful for a 2016 that allowed me to see deeper into myself…and come to a better understanding of my abilities, and that time is (indeed) finite.  I’m thankful for kids that continue to amaze me with their grace and ability.  I’m thankful for a wife that continues to see me in the best light possible.  I’m thankful for friends that not only care, but…help.  I’m thankful that 2017 has every possibility still left to discover.

Preston S.

I am grateful the Lord has brought me new community, new friendships, new adventures and a smooth transition back to my hometown.

Dan M.

Thankful for family, friends and a roof over my head.

Abby Z.

As I finish up my last semester of college, I am so thankful for the support from my friends, family and everyone here at CQL. I am so excited to see what the future holds and I couldn’t have done it without the encouragement of the people around me!

(I am also thankful for all the dogs that frequent our office)

Chris S.

My statement from last year still works for me… ‘I’m thankful for my healthy and happy family and having a job doing something I enjoy with great people.’   I’ll be even more thankful every year I can say the same!

Robby E.

I am thankful for my new son and an awesome wife.  I’m also thankful for the past year that I’ve been at CQL.  You are excellent co-workers, and amazing creators, and I’m blessed to get to work with you.

Steve B.

I am thankful for 28 years with my beautiful wife. I am thankful to be working for CQL, a company filled with great people who are so focused on doing great work for our clients.

Ryan P.

I am thankful for my beautiful wife and daughter and the support they have given me this past year. I’m thankful for the opportunity to travel all over the country (Miami, Atlanta, Austin, Daytona, Louisville) this past year to work alongside so many terrific clients. I’m thankful for the opportunity to see in-person Kobe Bryant’s last game where he scored 60 points.

Adam C.

I am thankful that my 2 year old learned how to say NO.  I am also thankful she learned to ask Why?  Most important of all, I’m thankful she is cute and sleeps.

Brandon K.

I am thankful for Chick-fil-A, but more so for the introduction to such a fine establishment by my favorite hangry driver president and oatmeal connoisseur project manager. I am also thankful for Mac’s Restaurant  in Chicago and their amazing pre-meeting breakfast service. I am thankful this all happened in one day.

Megan S.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to travel the world, meet wonderful people and learn about other cultures.

Nathan K.

I’m thankful for the many opportunities that have been given to me in my life and within the past year. My life is charmed, I’m incredibly blessed and all I can be is thankful.

Chris C.

I am thankful for second chances!

Kevin W.

I am thankful for cat videos, and that Dan has not blocked my access…

CJ Davis

I am thankful that each day holds the opportunity to do something better than the day before, and to be surrounded by people that make it all the easier to accomplish.

 Kristen L.

I’m thankful for Pamplemousse La Croix, roasted red pepper hummus, and Smartwool socks. I’m thankful that Spotify continues to suggest great music I wouldn’t have found on my own and that my car has heated seats. I’m thankful for my amazing family – some of whom I’m even related to, and I’m thankful to work with great customers and a great team that make the hard days a little better and the great days even more fulfilling.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our customers, colleagues, friends and families!

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