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We are a Team of Design Thinkers, Software Engineers, Business Strategists And Dogs (Furry, Happy Dogs)

“Being around people that are incredibly passionate about what they do is so motivating and makes work so enjoyable.”

When we founded CQL, cell phones resembled bricks and the internet was only accessed by geeks.

While the dreamers that founded CQL were ‘technical guys,’ we could only speculate where the world would take us over the years. We put our efforts into becoming a national leader in ecommerce technology and innovators in business intelligence, as well as becoming the go-to team for software-based ventures.

When we started, none of that even existed. We just believed we had a voice that needed to be heard and our ideas could change the way people could work and think.

Way back then, we began a relationship with Wolverine World Wide with us as part of a ‘skunk-works’ team figuring out how to leverage an existing bricks-n-mortar operation, as well as some very basic secure commerce technology.

Today, and throughout this 15 year partnership, Wolverine’s global ecommerce sales have delivered more than one million units through our technology platform.

It’s become the major business engine for their brands like Merrell, Hushpuppies, Wolverine, Cushe and others.

And of course this was just our humble beginnings.


Constantly Innovating

Our team is full of big-picture thinkers who translate ideas into reality by thinking past constraints.

Global Project Footprint

We don't care where our clients or partners are located. Visual meetings to Germany, Scotland and China are normal, and we never shy away from meeting at a local coffee shop or microbrewery.

Your Creative Ideas Matter

New challenges arise that will put your problem-solving to the test. Our team wears different hats and constantly asks "what if."

We Invest In People

From attending CodeMash every year to being leaders in TEDx, we encourage our team to grow and succeed.

Be Driven, Be Obsessed

Pursuing passions is what makes life interesting. We love hearing about the projects that inspire you and the excitement in your voice.


The pride we feel is reflected in the work we create. Taking personal ownership is applauded and rewarded.

Community Involvement

Tedx Grand Rapids

CQL is proud to be a founding sponsor and one of the leaders of TEDxGrandRapids, the TED sanctioned West Michigan event, which provides thought-provoking presentations and performances. Alongside other community leaders, volunteers, and supporters, we welcome 18 world-class speakers and an audience of 600 thought leaders each year The success sparked a growing interest over the past few years and CQL continues to be an organizer for the event. Highlights of the event include national and international speakers, a sold-out local audience, live music, and a networking receptions.

Give Camp GR

GiveCamp is a weekend event where technology professionals from development companies and design firms donate their time and expertise to help non-profits with their technical needs, like website development. Since it started in 2007, GiveCamp has provided support to hundreds of charities. CQL has participated the last two years, encouraging our development team to spend the weekend helping others by utilizing their coding experience. This year, about 10 of our developers donated their time to help create a WordPress site for First-Hand Aid, which provides humanitarian aid to children, families, and healthcare workers in Cuba. Implementing the CMS system for them and designing the front end of the site makes it much easier for them to manage their information and spread the word of their work.

Soups On for All

For nearly a decade, CQL has proudly been a Gold Sponsor of Catholic Charities West Michigan, supporting their mission to help those who come to God’s Kitchen needing care and food assistance. God’s Kitchen provides vital services including food deliveries, drop-in lunch and dinner sites, food pantries, and community outreach. Their annual Soup’s On event is definitely a staff favorite for us. For years, our employees and their significant others have attended this event. Attendees enjoy various soup, bread, and dessert provided by local restaurants and entertainment by local bands and performers, all while supporting the agency’s food pantry program. What does this have to do with developing phenomenal digital experiences? Absolutely nothing, but we believe in supporting our local community. Plus, it’s tons of fun. Hope to see you there!

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code (GWC) is a national non-profit organization that targets middle and high school aged girls, to help keep them interested in computing programs. GWC is a free after-school program where girls meet weekly in a classroom and learn how to use computer programming to create games, websites, and more. All while gaining a network of supportive peers and role models, and learning more about the tech jobs available in the local area! CQL is involved with the local chapter of Girls Who Code that is hosted at Calvin College. We have had lots of fun hosting class fieldtrips in the office where many of our employees get to interact with the girls, as well one of our employees having been a lead instructor for the club.

GRDev Day

GRDev Day is a one-day Grand Rapids software conference run and organized on a volunteer basis by developers, for developers. The conference grew out of the popularity of GR Day of .NET and covers a range of technology topics. CQL has been a sponsor and organizer of the annual GRDevDay and quarterly GRDevNight for 5 years. The events highlight everything coding related, including best practices, new technology, and design ideas. Members of our team attend to learn, mingle with other programmers, and look for new talent.


How do you give over 8200 students a glimpse into their futures? By participating with MichiganWorks and local business to create over 90,000 thousand square feet of live, hands-on demonstrations in Health Care, Technology, Manufacturing and Construction. Alongside almost 1100 volunteers the teens cluster in their social circles and stare at the 150+ corporations that are here today with enthusiasm and passion, excited to meet them. And these are not just any representatives. These are real people, from real companies like CQL, Meijer, Haworth, AutoCam and Spectrum here to meet and work with them. Everyone’s eyes are bright and shining. They are full of energy, teeming with possibility. We believe we need to help cultivate West Michigan’s future leaders.As the catalyst for the next generation, it is not our job to tell them what to do, nor to make suggestions. Our goal is to inspire, show them what is possible and point them in the next direction.

Kid's Food Basket

Kid's Food Basket provides lunches to about 6,000 kids every day. Sometimes, these lunches are the only meal these kids will eat all day. We decided to support them during the month of November, so naturally we figured the best way to do that was growing out our facial hair. Every day in November, we donated $1 per day for each team member who participated, for a total of at least $750 to Kids’ Food Basket. After a month of not shaving, we started to look a little frightening, but it was worth it to support the mission of such a great organization.

H.I.S. Home 300

H.I.S. Home 300 is a 6-day, 316 mile bike ride from Rockford, MI to Harrod, OH that benefits H.I.S. Home for Children, and orphanage in Port au Prince, Haiti operated by Hal and Chris Nungester. H.I.S. Home for Children cares for orphaned and abandoned children in the Haitian capital and the funds raised from the bike ride go toward supporting their cause. CQL started participating when Geoff, a member of the H.I.S. Home board and friend of CQL founder Kevin Antel, asked Kevin if he’d ride the 316 miles. That sparked Kevin’s creativity, and realized that getting sponsorship for jerseys could be a great fundraiser for the event. For the past 3 years, CQL has participated as a sponsor and Kevin has continued helping with jerseys.

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