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Why Your Business Must Combine The Cloud With Mobile Solutions

Today’s customers demand immediate access to a plethora of information. Whether it’s email, instant messaging, or on-demand news and media, consumers want it at their fingertips and they want it immediately.

As consumers are feeling more entitled to fast, simple, and customized experiences, businesses are able to satisfy these needs far more cost effectively than their predecessors.

One popular trend is combining cloud technologies and with current mobile solutions to offer scalable and robust technology that takes advantage of new optimizations while providing customers with unique interaction models.

Together, they provide rapid elasticity to customized solutions, measured service to make data-driven decisions and strategies, and broad network access allows staff to interact with each other and customers worldwide.

Businesses that connect mobile solutions to cloud technologies are saving on resources and optimizing their capital investment. Easy access to everything from inventory management, online accounting, social media, and software services are allowing business to cut out third-party providers and build or maintain their own tools. This means tools are merely a click away.

For example, cloud-based tools such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software enables inter-connectivity within a business, allowing employees to collaborate on-demand and in real-time.  When ERP software is combined with mobile applications, they solve many inter-developmental connectivity problems. Staff members can now access the latest information from any device and react immediately and manage various aspects from finances, sales, order management and customer relations in a fraction of the time it takes without mobile solutions. 

The need for on-demand business is growing. Therefore, companies need to be more nimble and innovative if they want to succeed. The cloud industry is expected to reach nearly $94 billion in profits by the end of 2015, and smartphones will potentially outnumber people by 2020. Together, they’ll play a significant role in the on-demand economy.

Businesses that want a large piece of the market pie need to adapt quickly to the ever changing landscape. At the moment, the cloud has a broad impact on the mobile tech industry, offering devices, network infrastructure, as well as apps and services. But as mobile applications become increasingly complex and sophisticated, they’ll need to interact with the cloud and customers in real-time in order to promote and facilitate quick and easy access to products and services.

When tools combine this way, companies can streamline the entire business operation and become serious competitors. Because mobile devices makes access to cloud tools easier, smaller business and start-ups now have all the necessary tools to deliver exactly what customers want, when they want it, and can now compete on an even playing field.

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