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"We want 'a Rock!" (Twisted Sister clip Here)

Lots of exciting stuff going on here at CQL for 2012, so check it out:

The best news is that we have a new employee, Matt, who came to us from another development firm. There, he worked mostly on a legacy e-commerce site in VB.NET Web Forms. He also had the opportunity to develop a C# .NET MVC and that’s when he started to love working with .NET MVC. In his free time, Matt enjoys learning Ruby on Rails and fiddling with some personal .NET projects. Other than technology, he’s a big fan of science fiction and has been working his way through Battlestar Galactica. CQL is thrilled to have Matt on our team.

Any good software development company must keep on top of the latest and greatest technology trends (our clients expect it, plus, we just flat out love it). We started 2012 with a bang by sending seven of our technologists to CodeMash 2012. This unique three-day event brings together a select number of developers who practice on a variety of platforms and development languages such as Java, .Net, Ruby, Python and PHP. The purpose of this event is to “mash together” all these different thought leaders into one conference where ideas can be shared, and new technologies can be explored. Check back to this blog, as we will be posting many of their notes and observations. Cool stuff.

Also, we sent another two of our team to CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas, last week. This is another great way to check out what’s up and coming in the Tech World. They did see some pretty cool stuff and their wheels are definitely turning. I expect to see some big things rolling out of here this year.

Back at the office, it was pretty quiet around here all week. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t busy.

The Sales team got new Dell Latitude 5520s, running with an Intel Core i5. They’re ready to roll. Our Resource Manager and PMs are now running on some very fast Solid State Drives. Some of our developers got new Dell Latitude 6520s, running on an Intel Core i7, all of which are using SSDs. We also upgraded them to 24in 1080p monitors from their old 22in monitors. Kevin decided to deck out his desktop with three 512 GB Solid State Drives in a RAID 5 configuration and now it’s screaming fast. Why should this matter to you? Simple, faster machines and better systems = more code being developed in a shorter amount of time, for you.

Last but not least, in jumping on the New Year’s resolution bandwagon, we hooked up our existing workout area downstairs. We have new padded mats, a bunch of exercise balls and lots of new weights/bands. The guys are also kicking it up a notch from P90X to P90X2. This stuff isn’t for sissies. Between doing P90X2 and training for the GR Triathlon this year, I’m willing to bet we’re one of the healthiest software shops in Grand Rapids.

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