Circles drawn freehand

Perfect Circle

Have you ever tried to draw a perfect circle freehand? Simple right? In my imagination I would expect anyone can do it. As it turns out, it isn’t. (Try it?) The thing is…little (or big) irregularities will show up if you look closely, every time.

Expectations. We set them for our work and play, for ourselves and others, for our kids and other children…and they can be “on the fly” expectations or preconceived expectations. And when these expectations are not met, what generally happens? Just name a negative emotion…and 9 out of 10 times I’ll bet you are right.

Working through the “dreams and wishes” of software expectations at CQL is an interesting proposition. Incredibly fun! Software today is not constrained by anything other than our imagination. It’s a fact that the pretty picture in your head is being built every day, with incredible benefit to people and organizations everywhere. Simple right?! As it turns out, it isn’t. If a little (or big) irregularity shows up when tested (darn bug! Where’s that drop down!).…expectations get missed…and then, well…you know.

What should be your expectations?

*What you can expect is that in every software project every protocol is followed and every story is written (with the client) to try to assure that the beautiful picture in your head is impeccably created to fulfill the need it was designed to meet.

*What you can expect is that we will be the team that will continue to refine and polish the application until it fits the image in your head.

*What you can expect is that we care, and it shows in what we do. (uncaring hands and companies should be avoided?)

*What you can expect is that we’ve done it before. (for 17 years actually)

I get it……Perfection. Is. Expected. Let’s allow ourselves to realize that when Microsoft Word came out the first time, it didn’t look or function (at all) like it does today. (neither did Facebook, Google, QuickBooks… your favorite software)

Hold everything….I think I just freehanded a perfect circle……

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