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CQL Spotlight: Get to Know Paul Martin

Five minutes into a conversation with Paul Martin, you’ll get the sense that he’s a genuine, passionate person who, as the son of two missionaries who spent his childhood in Ukraine, probably has a few good stories to tell.

As a developer with interests in rock climbing, playing music, and delicious food, he’s often described by coworkers as one of the most interesting people to have a conversation with.  

As a lead front-end Javascript developer, Paul Martin is a jack-of-all-trades and able to work on any part of a project, if the need arises. He’s great at debugging and often acts as a second set of eyes to solve problems. Paul joined the CQL team this year after graduating from Calvin College with a degree in Computer Science. Originally, Paul studied Engineering but later realized he wanted to design systems defined by logic and that his interests fell closer to CS. He’s a passionate developer who loves making things better.

“For me, the most effective and stimulating ways to fix things have involved using the incredible power of computers,” says Paul. “I love showing people what a computer can do for them, especially when I get to see that ‘ah ha’ moment when people start seeing computers as a positive tool in their arsenal.”

Since joining the team at CQL, Paul has become part of a start up working on an internet-connected garage door opener, which gives him further opportunity to pursue his passion for technology and use his background in hardware.

Outside of work, Paul has varied interests, including singing, playing guitar, and rock-climbing. He started rock-climbing (specifically, bouldering) about four years ago. At first, he was mildly interested but really got hooked after his first competition. He loves that bouldering is an individual sport where you can focus more on your own interests and work on technical problems, but also enjoys climbing with friends.

Paul learned Russian while living in Ukraine for most of his life and was, at the time, fluent enough to fool some native speakers.

Having been married just over a year, Paul and his wife actually first met in Ukraine. They were both children of missionaries and attended the same school. Later, both Paul and his wife studied at Calvin and, since neither of them knew many people here, they became friends and then started dating.

Now, they live happily within convenient walking distance to Brewery Vivant, love cooking and enjoying great food, and spend many memorable evenings with friends doing vocal improvisational harmony.

We’re excited to have Paul as part of our team and have enjoyed getting to know him and, now, we hope you have as well.

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