Someone typing on a typewriter: 6 Reasons Businesses Need A Blog

The Undeniable Benefits of Business Blogging

Don’t you wish there were some sort of magical tool to bring more visitors to your website or get your business more customers? Or that there was a way to boost SEO and confidence in your company at the same time?

There’s not a magic elixir, and it won’t happen overnight, but blogging is one method to accomplish these goals and more.

Increase Your Traffic

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t wish their website had more traffic? Blogging is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site. The average business that blogs receives 55% more web visitors. We’ve seen our own traffic triple in the last few months by increasing our blogging frequency. Plus, 82% of consumers actually enjoy reading relevant content from brands (the key word here being relevant).

Increase Leads and Customers

Of course, with increased traffic you’d hope that would also result in more leads and customers. You can make that outcome a lot more likely by including calls-to-action on each of your blog pages that take visitors to a lead generating form. Provide them with downloadable premium content to earn leads, then nurture those leads into customers. Businesses that blog earn 126% more leads and 43% of marketers generate customers from their blog (this number increases with blogging frequency).

Boost SEO

Blogging is an excellent way to improve your SEO, but remember this important rule: Think about the user, then the search engine. With that in mind, you can naturally use keywords in blog posts to help your site rank higher for specific words and phrases that are important for your business. Include these keywords in your page title, meta descriptions, image alt text, headers, and content to help your site rank higher.

Blogging also helps SEO by making your site appear more relevant to search engines. Companies who blog generate 434% more indexed pages and 97% more inbound links, both of which are beneficial to SEO. How? Creating useful, interesting content gives internet users something worth sharing on their own site or blog and the more posts you write, the more pages your site will have to index on your sitemap.

Build Confidence and Trust

Research shows that consumers trust information and advice shared through blogs, but 70% actually prefer getting to know a company through articles instead of ads. Blogging lets you communicate with potential customers in a way they actually enjoy. By sharing information that is beneficial to them, you’ll inspire trust in your brand and readers will think of you as an expert. When it comes time to make a purchase, your company will be the one they think of. 

Beef Up Social Media

Does your Facebook page make it look like your company is starving for attention? Is your Twitter feed filled with pleas to visit your site? Let’s be honest, no one cares. No one is going to visit your site just because you keep asking them to, but they probably will if you give them a good reason. Data shows that the words “new blog post” are among the top phrases to be retweeted.

By sharing blog content through your social media, you’re able to give your audience something useful and less salesy (since your blog should be about solving customer problems, not how cool your company is). A good rule of thumb is 80/20. 80% of your content should be industry related or otherwise relevant posts, 20% should be about you.

It’s Always Working

Even when you’ve gone home for the evening to binge watch your favorite show, your blog is still working for you as a virtual salesperson who is always available to customers. Even when you take the week to unplug and lounge on the beach, your blog is still generating traffic and leads that you benefit from when you get back.

Does your business have a blog? What other benefits have you experienced?

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