5 pound burger

5 Valuable Business Lessons Learned from Devouring a 5lb Burger

Last night our team enjoyed our annual outing at the Whitecaps game (although I’m not sure any of us were watching this minor league baseball game). We were all enjoying good company and libations when our President challenged one of our teammates to finish the Fifth Third Burger Challenge (seen here in Man v. Food).

We don’t want this glorious moment to be wasted or forgotten, so here’s what you can take away from this study in peer pressure and gastronomic perseverance.

1. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask.

Adam Clason wasn’t planning to spend the entire game eating this mountain of a burger. In fact, he had just sat down with a plateful of delicious, human-size food. But, Mark offered to buy him this giant burger and threw down the challenge.

Being the team-player that he is, Adam accepted. Sometimes you need or want something from your teammates and you’re not sure if they’ll be willing to help you out. Apparently, it’s worth a shot just to ask. Even when the request is outrageous, some teammates will bite the bullet (or burger) and oblige.

2. Push through when tasks become challenging.

Undoubtedly, at some point Adam looked down at that burger with disdain. Why did I agree to this? It’s impossible! And yet, even though he looked green for most of the game, he pushed through and his perseverance paid off. Adam achieved success because he was unwilling to give up on a task he had started. 

3. Work hard not for a prize but for the feeling of accomplishment.

Because we didn’t actually follow the rules of the burger challenge (there wasn’t a judge present to watch Adam suffer through the burger) there was no tshirt or prize waiting for Adam upon completion of this momentous personal trial. So, even though there was no reward, he can rest easy knowing he accomplished something. Well, after the ginormous salt intake subsides, he can rest easy.

4. When you’re teammates do the impossible, celebrate their success.

When your coworkers work hard to get a job done, be there to celebrate with them. Sure, Adam is probably crazy, but we are proud as heck. We encouraged him, cheered him on, patted him on the back (in hindsight, a bad idea), and congratulated him at the metaphorical finish line. When you’re working with others, it’s important to celebrate their successes as much as your own.

5. Don’t eat 5lb burgers.

Okay, it’s not a business lesson, but it is a pretty solid life rule to follow. Yeah, Adam finished that thing. He consumed all 4,800 calories and it was impressive. He also looked like it was in a lot of pain the whole time and totally succumbed to our peer pressure. But good job buddy! We’re so proud. Save some room for next year’s burger, okay?

Photo Credit: Erik Slagter

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