3 Strategies For Improving Sales With A Product Configurator

Implementing a product configurator into your ecommerce site can have great benefits for your bottom line.

Configurators allow you to simplify a complex sales process, ensure pricing consistency, and reduce in-process order changes among other benefits like giving your customers the freedom to create their own product.

A product configurator can help any business scale its selling strategies across all channels, providing real-time updates to each product being sold.  Having a customizable, scalable product configurator is invaluable in streamlining selling strategies and launching new products.    

There are different types of configurators but each type can potentially benefit your business. Chaco, for example, lets their customers create their own custom sandals using their online configurator. They can then upload their creation to show and inspire other Chaconians. Tables for Every Need (TEN) has a product configurator to help customers select the type of table they want. They're able to select the type of table (sit stand or traditional), the shape of the table top, colors, and more all with real time price info based on these selections. 

Regardless of the type of configurator you implement, there are multiple strategies you can use to make the most of it. 

Here are three strategies you can use to improve sales with your product configurator.

1. Use system-driven insight and intelligence across all channels at the same time. 

Using a product configurator to make sure the right information is in every quote can save an order from being reworked on the production floor. Configurators also enable consistency for products across sales channels. Best of all, a web-based product configurator can track all activity online, reporting back the most- and least-popular custom product configurations. Advanced product configurators often will recommend options and accessories based on a customers’ previous buying history.

These relationship between purchase history and customized recommendations make integrating your configurator with your CRM very important. The days of stand-alone product configurators that are not integrated to other systems are quickly ending. A web-based product configurator that can integrate to CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and pricing systems gives any company a competitive selling advantage over its less-integrated competitors.     

2. Faster product launches and synchronization across all selling channels.  

Because web-based product configurators can span across all selling and service channels they’re able to improve the execution of new product introductions. The result is faster sales of new products and fewer order errors.  

McKinsey & Company found that on average over 60% of a given manufacturers' revenue is often generated from new product introductions. A new product launch is the single event a company initiates that says more to the outside world about how the company really operates than any other. With so much on the line from new product introductions, it's critical to make sure they go smoothly. A product configurator can simplify, streamline and ensure greater accuracy in product, pricing, and ordering workflows compared to any manual method.     

3. Sell anytime, anywhere, from any device.  

Web-based product configurators accessible from any browser are increasingly being used on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Product configurators designed for mobile devices are making it possible for sales teams to configure, price and quote while visiting with a prospect. This speeds up the selling process and leads to more sales.  With many enterprise executives mentioning that mobility is a major priority for them in 2015, it's clear that mobile selling will follow.  

The bottom line is that a product configurator can improve the sales of a very wide spectrum of products and make life easier for you and your customers. Product configurators are very versatile and effective at accelerating selling strategies during each phase of a product's life.  They're not just for the most complex products anymore, and are improving sales daily in many companies.

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