3 of This Week's Quick and Inspiring Reads for Entrepreneurs

3 of This Week's Quick and Inspiring Reads for Entrepreneurs

This week in business news, Air New Zealand sets the bar high for airline customer service (and what your business can learn from them), a CEO's Nigerian upbringing gives him a unique perspective on creativity, and women's entrepreneurship has increase 36% in the last eight years.

Take a look at these three articles on creativity, innovation, and determination to end your week on a high note. 

6 Ways to Deliver Delight and Devotion to Customers

This article draws lessons in innovative customer service from the author’s personal experience flying with Air New Zealand. Boarding a flight increasingly comes with a set of low expectations. Today, passengers assume they’ll pay outrageous prices, exorbitant fees on baggage and other basic amenities, and be stuffed into a tiny seat without much personal space or privacy.

Air New Zealand demonstrates a unique dedication to innovation and customer service by reinventing some of the basic processes passengers have come to expect, like using famous surfers to capture passengers’ attention during the often ignored safety instructions.

The article explains what Air New Zealand is doing differently and how you can make your customer service shine. 

“Everyone is Creative”: Business Lessons from a CEO’s Nigerian Childhood

Ije Nwokorie, CEO of creative consultant Wolff Olins, explains that everyone is born with some inherent creativity. Those who don’t express that creativity easily may have had it “trained out of [them],” but it’s still there somewhere.

Nwokorie believes his perspective comes from his upbringing. Born in America, his family returned to Nigeria when he was six.

Nwokorie explains to Fast Company: "I was living in a place where everything had to be creative. The act of getting to school every day was creative, because you had to go on roads that don’t work. Having a toy was a creative act, because you had to make it.

With this unique perspective on creativity, Nwokorie realized that at his own company, where certain groups of employees were labeled “creative,” it was actually the other employees who demonstrated the most creative thinking.

Women’s Entrepreneurship is Soaring, Thanks to This Group

Women have been starting companies at increasingly faster rates. U.S. Census Bureau data shows this trend is thanks in large part to women of color. According to the data, in 2012, women owned about 9.9 million businesses in the U.S. That’s about 36% of the total, or a 27.5% increase since 2007.

Businesses owned by women of color specifically have increased 42% in the same time frame. Hispanic women have made the most progress since the last time data was collected, seeing an 87% increase. 

While the data doesn’t show why women of color are creating businesses at such impressive rates, some of the entrepreneurs report that immigration played a big role in developing their values and mindset.

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